"Amazon can really benefit from our technology offers"


Speaking at the Cornell Entrepreneurship Summit recently held in New York, ripple of The chief market strategist, Cory Johnson, said his suite of cross-border payment solutions could really benefit Amazon with their daily financial operations.

During the event, Johnson then deepened Ripple's short-term vision to improve the overall speed and affordability of global cross-border payments (together with their goal of getting rid of financial intermediaries such as banks).

Likewise, when asked about his company's long-term goals, he noted that Ripple's technology offerings could help some of the world's largest retailers move money in about 5-10 years (in addition to paying own employees).

"We can look at the 23 trillion dollars that are in our accounts and yours that are somehow prepared, waiting for advance payment, because the money is so slow … Amazon – probably the most efficient company in terms of capital in the history of the world – has a billion dollars around accounts to pay employees somewhere, or to pay a seller somewhere, because the system of transferring money is so slow. "

Johnson then added:

"So I can analyze all this and understand how it is done, I can not imagine what the world is like in 10 years when you can use that worker in Bangladesh here from the US Or a Thai nanny can send money home from Japan to pay his family, to have a family with a truly better standard of living in places where an extra $ 5 a month is a life-changing difference I can not really imagine it, but I'm pretty enthusiastic about it … "

Final take

To complete his speech, Cory Johnson he talked about the importance of crypto-assets such as XRP and how it will reshape the global financial system going forward.

To begin with, he stressed that XRP not only allows almost instantaneous transactions, but its payment protocols are much more decentralized and easier to use than traditional economic platforms such as SWIFT.

"If it were not for XRP technology, you could not really exchange value thousands of times in a second, and thanks to this technology, it's why it's so cheap."

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