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The altcoin market is in recovery mode and after more than two months of persistent sales, their momentum is fading. Although there are still solid confirmations, price prices increase the morale of coins such as EOS, Tron, IOTA and even Litecoin which were heading downwards. The action of next week's prices would influence the short-term price trajectory of most of the altcoins in question. Let's take a look at these graphs: EOS Technical Analysis EOS Daily Chart by Trading View First, before making a commercial decision, note that EOS price action is falling. Going forward we will maintain this position regardless of yesterday's completion of a three-bar inversion model, the morning star that forms around our first support line at $ 4. Otherwise, we will maintain yesterday's EOS trading plan and the way Best in which EOS buyers can confirm the recent upturn is if there are gains above $ 6, August 8 maximum and our intermittent resistance. Once prices print

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