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During yesterday's rebound of the majority of cryptocurrencies, some scrambled forcing against power. Ontology Coin (ONT) welcomed the trend rising by more than 17% on August 17 while we can still see it rise against the dollar, even if only a part of a percent away from trading in red with an increase of less than 0 , 05%.

However, recent news about Ontology Coin ONT that launches its main network at a live event in Seoul has brought a flattering portion of attention to ONT, gaining momentum as one of the biggest gainers in the market over the last seven days .

While most currencies hit the lows and fell sharply during the last week, the ONT shows an incredible 20% increase during the period mentioned.

With the main net coming out on August 18 th as announced by ONT in a live match from Seoul, there are more reasons to keep eye on Ontology Coin.

Ontology Coin Main Net Upcoming

In a rising trend of several major net launches, Ontology has also announced a peer live touring around the official exit of its main network, while the output will be held at Seoul on August 18 followed by a live presentation.

Although the ONT is not currently showing any serious market price progress, it is believed that the currency will show significant improvement with the main active network for the first time as is usually the case based on previous major cases net launches.

At the time of writing, the main network should have already been launched, while the team chose a perfect timing to share one of its biggest hits over the weekend, making Ontology Coin one of the rare blockchain companies involved in big news on weekends usually quiet when it arrives

The launch of the main network is one of the main reasons for which Ontology Coin should be kept under close observation, having acquired its independence as a blockchain project and becoming ONT the native token of the main network

Ontology ONT in South Korea

South Korea represents one of the biggest centers of technological development, bringing the fifth place in this domain on a global scale, transforming it into a territory fertile for new technologies and further developments of traditional technological solutions.

South Korea also compensates the major centers of cryptocurrency and blockchain investors, which means that the decision to keep the main net launching alive in Seoul, South Korea, can be classified as a major strategic move to present the new main network to potential investors, given that this country holds a large number of global crypts.

The adoption and the interest of "very successful" investors always count on adding more value to the encrypted date, in this case, ONT, so the main network is expected to attract more attention to the ontological currency , making it a more desirable investment.

[1 9459007] Ontology Associated Spuul Movie Platform

Ontology Coin recently acquired a promising partnership with Spuul, the movie platform with over 60 million users and over 10,000 hours of Bollywood movies for streaming. The main objective of their agreement is to provide support with the Ontology Coin infrastructure for the newly announced application, Spokkz.

Although this partnership does not focus on ONTs like cryptocurrency, partnerships, especially those that bring the multi-million audience, adds value to the blockchain project.

With this partnership, Ontology Coin has found an applicable use case of its technology within the content industry, while the announced application Spokkz says it accepts the framework of identity of Ontology Coin.

The implementation of the Ontology Coin infrastructure should ensure that the Spokkz token and Spokkz application can respond to the intended purpose of providing users with an easy way to connect with media producers, thereby decentralizing the content industry.

Ontology Coin (ONT) in the market

Ontology Coin (ONT) rose 17% on August 17 th before the main net launch today we can see it simply touching the 0.05% against the fiat, only a small percentage away from trading in the red zone.

However, due to the main network being launched this weekend in Seoul on 18 August ONT will potentially be exposed to further increases, while it also represents one of the best gainers of the week thanks to the most recent change in its price , climbing 20% ​​in just one week.

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