All-Dimensional Sharding Blockchain MultiVAC published its laboratory data: TPS reached 30,784


SINGAPORE, 5 November 2018 / PRNewswire / – Over it 11 October 2018, MultiVAC has published its laboratory data on his Web site, which highlights that MultiVAC has successfully reached 30,784 TPS using 64 fragments, with a single fragment reaching 533 TPS. The success of MultiVAC marks a turning point in sharding technology. As a star project in the public sharcha blockchain, MultiVAC should resolve the hard public blockchain expansion problem.

Public blockchain is recognized as one of the blockchain areas that has the best potential for future development. Many in the industry have imagined that the public blockchain can become the foundation of the next generation of great commercial platforms that can match the scale of existing operating systems such as MAC OS is Windows. However, an important problem is that it is currently difficult for blockchain developers to realize the practical value of the blockchain. This is because existing blockchain platforms have extremely low scalability and can not provide effective support for DApps that require the processing of large volumes of data. For example, the average processing speed is 4-5 transactions per second for Bitcoin and that of Ethereum is 10 transactions per second. Therefore, sharding stands out as one of the potential solutions to this problem. Being one of the classic expansion solutions in distribution data systems, sharding can effectively improve system capacity and maintain good scalability as the number of nodes in the network increases.

"Laboratory data has once again demonstrated that sharding can effectively improve system capacity. MultiVAC's homogeneous multidimensional expansion solution makes it possible for sharding parallelism to excel not only in computing, but also in transmission and transmission. , storage., has great potential to become the backbone of large-scale commercial applications, "said Dr. Shawn Ying, CTO and co-founder of MultiVAC.

Before publishing laboratory data, MultiVAC had has already published his white paper and the homosexual solution yellow card. A strong team is the key to the success of MultiVAC in the development of this technologically demanding public blockchain project. MultiVAC has an all-star team composed of six Ph.D. Experts, 18 researchers and engineers, who come from the R & D team of leading companies in the technology sector such as Google, Facebook and Microsoft. Furthermore, MultiVAC three The co-founders have extensive experience and excellent professional, academic and technical backgrounds.

CEO of MultiVAC, Franco, "Technology changes the world and innovation determines the future, Blockchain technology is investing the world with its uniqueness and its development continues to amaze everyone." As a booming public blockchain developer, MultiVAC has attracted growing interest from blockchain fans. that MultiVAC can unlock the full potential of the blockchain by striving for new developments and thereby create a reliable, fair and harmonious company ".

About MultiVAC:

MultiVAC is the first fast, efficient and multidimensional blockchain in the world designed for total scalability, which performs the parallelization of the sharding not only for calculation, but also for transmission and storage. The flexibility of MultiVAC pioneers for DApps to operate freely on the impossible triangle of the CAP between decentralization, performance and security, supporting decentralized commercial applications on a large scale for complex and diversified business needs.
As of now, MultiVAC has already received strategic investments from major international investment organizations such as Neo Global Capital, TGL Captial, Hashed, Signum, Arrington XRP, Dfund, ICODrops and JRR Crypto. Not only does the partnership with major international investment organizations provide MultiVAC with capital support, but it also offers MultiVAC as a public blockchain developer by building a more complete public blockchain ecosystem and providing marketing channels. Further information @

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