Alibaba & # 39; s Ant Financial launches the Backend-as-a-Service platform of Blockchain


Ant Financial, the financial subsidiary of the Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba, is launching a BaaS (Backend-as-a-Service) blockchain platform, the local news outlet China Money Network reports on September 21

from Ant Financial Vice President Jiang Guoefei to the Ant Technology Exploration Conference (ATEC) in Hangzhou yesterday. The new BaaS platform was launched in tandem with a "blockchain partner program" focused on the business that will allow small and medium-sized enterprises to implement and innovate new blockchain solutions.

The announcement aligns with what Gueofei has called a move to "open" Ant's internal technologies to the broader commercial sector:

"In the last two years, Ant Financial has been working on two aspects of blockchain: one is to improve the technology and the other is to open it and accelerate the marketing of blockchain applications. "

As part of its momentum to commercialize the technology, Ant Financial has pioneered its first blockchain remittances to the ## beginning this summer, using its electronic portfolio cross-blocket newly designed remittance service. The process demonstrated a transfer of funds between AliPayHK of Ant Financial – the Hong Kong version of Alipay's popular mobile payment app – and the Filipino GCash payment app.

Alibaba founder Jack Ma has signaled a growing involvement of AliPay in blockchain for several years, with Ant Financial recently assuring $ 14 billion in technology development funding this June.

The new data published at the end of August revealed that Alibaba had placed world number one on a new list that classified entities for the number of patents related to the blockchain archived to date; The e-commerce conglomerate has presented as many as 90 patents of this type, even bypassing IBM.

However, Ma held an opening conference at the beginning of the month when he noted that blockchain is one of the many advanced technologies that still have to prove to be can help evolve society in a "greener" and more inclusive ".

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