Airgead Coin offers the world's first cryptocurrency free of debt and backed by precious metals


For many centuries, the most stable currency form of mankind has been the precious metal. Because they are rare, they offer a method of hedging against any pitfall resulting from the ownership of legal currencies or money issued by the government. Money issued by the government is subject to dilution in value due to the printing of notes, forcing sensitive long-term investors to move towards precious metals to preserve their wealth.

However, this wealth is slowly being eroded by the taxes that come with the storage of precious metals. This includes expenses such as management fees and deposit fees, and therefore decreases the economic viability of storing gold for a long period of time. Moreover, it is not easy to use it in everyday transactions since no modern merchant accepts gold or silver coins as payment.

There is a way to get around all this and make sure precious metals realize the potential that have accumulated over time they existed With the advent of blockchain, you can tokenize any asset and give it the ease of access and transfer on the blockchain without changing its actual physical position.

Airgead Coin aims to be the trend setter in this sector and is based on the digitization of real assets in order to provide a stable currency to hedge inflation. This is due to the fact that precious metals protect the wealth and value of the central bank currencies, offer fair trade value all over the world and a stable saving opportunity for investors.

Airgeadcoin stores valuable coins and metal bars in secure storage facilities without depositing fees or handling fees for metal holding. They will offer users easy access to their resources through the digital precious metal portfolio. This allows you to safely store and manage their precious metal coins. As part of the Airgead Coin ecosystem, a valuable exchange of metals will allow you to evaluate the value of all coins and bars in real time.

All these transactions will be conducted through a blockchain, thus exploiting the power of decentralization to remove power from governments. This effectively allows AirgeadCoin users to be their own personal bank.

The portfolios in question have classifications for 4 coins depending on the metal with which they are supported . The platform aims to offer gold and silver at launch and add platinum and palladium when prices for the first two are established.

The coins are further divided with more data points such as content, purity, year and all other data necessary for the precious metals transaction.

New users do not need to have complex knowledge about precious metals as all required information is provided with data points such as value, historical value and the exchange rate of these precious metals.

Each coin contains a specific title that is unique and is determined by what it contains. This includes details such as weight, the metal of which the coin is made, the year and the purity of the coin. This data is encrypted using a secret key, with the currency itself including both the data and the key.

Because Airgeadcoin requires storing data in large files, a traditional job proof blockchain would not be able to fulfill its purpose. Therefore, the development team created decentralized precious metal file sharing [DPMFS] a peer-to-peer protocol in which nodes store a hash version of files that include coin data.

This enables the digital portfolio of precious metals to access the blockchain abstraction layer, where the hash of the digital currency file is called. The DPMFS system then passes through the nodes to access the data and provide it to the user.

Airgead Coin aims to get around the usual arduous process, which takes time and capital to make physical trading on precious metals. It does this through its market, which functions as an auction market exchange.

Users can buy and sell precious metal coins from each other with the highest bid price combined with the lowest price required. The price and the valuation of the activities on the market are without additional costs, restrictions or barriers that are observed with the traditional precious metals markets.

After the establishment of the 4 main assets on the markets, ie gold, silver, platinum and palladium, Airgead will begin to introduce generic, semi-numismatic and numismatic coins and bars for trading on the platform through auctions . Numismatic and semi-numismatic coins, in particular, are highly preferred by collectors and will allow users to invest in precious precious metals or coins.

Payment systems in the real world will also be advanced and will be implemented to allow for full protection payments on precious metals. Airgead Coin also offers credit and debit cards so as to ensure seamless integration with existing payment systems.

Airgead Coin has strict policies when it comes to precious metal storage facilities. Any available facility must verify a list of security and accessibility features such as offshore jurisdiction systems and strong privacy. In addition, they must also provide insurance, support for external audits, be able to exchange gold for Airgeadcoin and vice versa.

The producers of Airgeadcoin hold ICOs as they do not have the support of the government or other similar organizations. Airgeadcoin owners will be rewarded with the profits generated for Airgead. In addition, they will also be paid in dividends in the form of precious metals.

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