After Credit Suisse, UBS got in touch with Klara


The Swiss accounting software provider Klara, who was recently supported by Swiss Post, is working with UBS. Now both large local banks have Klara services in their online directory.

Now even companies (SMEs) that have opened their commercial accounts with the large UBS bank have a chance: Klara and UBS are working together. In addition to the accounting solution, which is supposed to communicate automatically with all relevant interfaces, Klara transmits payment data to UBS’s e-banking system, as stated in a press release from fintech on Thursday.

This is meant to avoid laborious export and import of payment data in the future, hence the promise.

Good example for Anke Bridge Haux

Klara now serves both large banks. In March 2019, Credit Suisse (CS) announced that it would also partner with the startup, such as then reported. Anke Bridge Haux, Head of Digital Banking at CS Switzerland, described the collaboration as a good example of how the bank intends to make its offering available in the future: integrated into the customer’s individual ecosystem.

As noted in the press release, the company founded in 2016 no longer belongs only to the Axoin Group. At the beginning of last October, Swiss Post took over the majority of Klara Business, the company behind the software. Swiss Post has held a 9% stake in Klara since 2018.

Should banks still pay dividends?

  • Yes, absolutely, as they have achieved good results.

  • Yes, but only half of the planned dividends.

  • Yes, one part to shareholders, the other part to a crown relief fund.

  • No, you should keep dividends to build reserves.

  • No, they should introduce lower fees with dividends.



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