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Adoption of AI, IoT and Blockchain to grow in 2019

As the year when several innovations of AI, ML and IoT made headlines, coming to an end in the coming days, Tata Communications sees the mainstreaming of artificial intelligence and the evolution of the Internet of Things and the block chain in 2019.

"Already well established in many companies, IoT applications and services are leading the package to have the greatest positive impact, helping companies to collect and analyze data in real time to enable everything from improving the customer experience the rationalization of supply chain operations ", says Srinivasan CR, Chief Digital Officer of Tata Communications.

Commenting on the probable trends of Digital Transformation for 2019, he said that the technology would be implemented more significantly in 2019, as more interesting use cases from different vertical sectors.

AI to go mainstream

Artificial intelligence and machine learning, which are increasingly integrated into a variety of services, make technology much more accessible and digestible than a few years ago.

"We at Tata Communications use artificial intelligence to refine our recruitment processes, for example, our hiring managers used to browse job descriptions to select candidates, so they save time and effort by using an automated tool based on artificial intelligence that automatically associates a candidate with the best in the class, with the latter acting as a point of reference, "he said.

Citing the survey on the cycle of progress that the company has conducted globally recently, said that AI had already been adopted by 46% of global companies (which the company has examined).

"Approximately 43% of decision makers believe that bird flu has a positive impact and only 3% of business executives believe it will have a negative impact," he stressed.

Evolution of the Blockchain

The new year could also see the evolution of Blockchain, the technology of shared mixed books that guarantees security, while increasing efficiency. "The potential of the blockchain goes far beyond the cryptocurrency and our survey shows a global implementation rate of 44%," he said.

The challenges

While the prospects for digital transformation are positive, they present themselves with some challenges. "Cost seems to be the biggest obstacle to integrating new innovations, and safety and privacy also pose challenges," he said.

The ever-increasing skills gap is also a major concern as it prevents companies from adopting the latest technologies.


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