Adbank Ethereum Blockchain Project to help the Austrian national tourist office


Adbank Ethereum Blockchain Project to help the Austrian national tourist office

The Austrian national office followed Adbank's blockchain technology solution

L & # 39; ANTO, Austrian National Tourism Office, recently conducted a digital advertising campaign that exploited blockchain technology, is the first national tourism office in the world that has been able to do so. ANTO has gone on to track this technology with the help of Adbank, which is a blockchain platform that has been powered by the ADB token.

Adbank it was designed to rely on the Ethereum network that was established to prevent advertising fraud from occurring. Advertising fraud has led advertisers to lose about $ 51 million each day; this is according to a recent estimate that has been made.

With the platform in place, it is expected to cut rates with existing advertising technology brokers, some of which have been able to increase the ad price by over 70%.

It is exciting to see ongoing developments

According to a statement by Angelo Dodaro, co-founder and chief marketing officer of AdbankI went on to say that it is exciting to see the moves that Austria is doing. The country has gone on to recognize the power that exists in advertising with the use of blockchain technology.

The level of transparency offered by technology is able to provide unprecedented publishers and advertisers, especially when it comes to an organization like ANTO. It goes on to say that for the first time advertisers can finally see where their money is going, rather than how it was, that is, the money going into a black box.

ANTO began to take an interest in blockchain technology when the latter launched a marketing campaign for its ICO, Initial Coin Offering; this is back in December 2017. From here the Adbank team has created a video that has become viral. When the agency identified the blockchain company, it wasted no time and wanted to test its services immediately.

Austrian National Tourism Office They went on to say that they are extremely tech savvy and have been known to pursue innovative solutions that affect digital advertising space. Therefore, the agency strongly believes that working with a company like Adbank makes a lot of sense as it focuses on the emerging technology that takes place as the blockchain.

Some recent studies have shown that the digital advertising network has been able to charge up to about 50% of every dollar spent. And this price is not counting the cost incurred to add fraud. This last has proved to be a separate challenge for most in the market, as it has been found that 56% of website traffic is not actually human.

But this is where the blockchain technology comes into play to solve all this; is ensuring that there is transparency and removing intermediaries in the market. Adbank went on to put the latest notes on their payment protocol based on blockchain technology; this is back in March. The system was designed to work together with the AI ​​proprietary anti-fraud, artificial intelligence.

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