ACI in the world, with clients executing $ 14 billion of daily transactions, supports Ripple -XRP News – Today & # 39; s Gazette


Ripple (XRP) – The good news that reaches us is that ACI Worldwide, a company of Universal Payments that feeds e-payment for over 5,100 organizations worldwide, has hinted that it is supporting the payment system in Ripple real time.

On its platform, ACI Worldwide claimed to have over 1,000 of the largest financial institutions and intermediaries coupled with thousands of Global traders who rely on its platform to run about $ 14 trillion of daily transactions on securities and payments.

By informing users on its platform, ACI claims to support about 9% of global SWIFT traffic and about 30% in the United States, adding that it offers its exceptional services to banks that want to take advantage of the global payment initiative (gpi ) of SWIFT.

Speaking of Ripple, ACI claims to support real-time schemes around the world, adding that banks, through its platform, can implement real-time payment systems to support SWIFT FIN, gpi, DLT (eg Ripple), Wire and immediate payments.

Ripple has recently conquered big companies and banks. With the launch of Ripple & # 39; s xRapid in the middle of other tools, Ripple is growing at a very fast pace, and interrupting the cross-border payment industry beyond expectations.

At the moment, large banks are now implementing Ripple payment tools purposely to reduce transaction costs while at the same time increasing the speed at which payments are made.

ACI and Ripple (XRP): two giants that coexist

The unfamiliar relationship between Ripple and ACI is a big thing in the blockchain company history due to the fact that ACI Worldwide and SWIFT are global partners, the two depend on each other for uninterrupted payment.

Ripple and SWIFT: any partnership?

The persistent rumor that Ripple and SWIFT announced a partnership died during the SIBOS conference. The news was interrupted after no announcement was announced on the partnership between the two, but SWIFT said that its customers are not prepared for the implementation of Ripple's Distributed Ledger technology.

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