Accused of "Abuse Trust", Coinmarketcap can now get you to vote for new ads


The Coinmarketcap cryptocurrency monitoring site seems to ruminate on the idea of ​​allowing users to vote on which resources it should track.

Users may influence the lists

In a survey Twitter published on September 12, the site, which has become a reference resource for cryptoasset prices and other related data, has asked the followers if they "would be interested" to influence future decisions on the list.

At the time of printing, 60% of nearly 5,000 respondents had accepted the offer, with 30% saying they had no interest in doing so. A mere 10 percent said they would not want to have the opportunity.

Coinmarketcap is testing the water while the cryptocurrency industry continues to expand, despite a persistent global bear market throughout the year. The site listings currently trace the 1944 resources.

BTCC Dev: The site is & # 39; Abusing Confidence & # 39;

Select which resources to list has not always been a simple process for cryptocurrency activities.

As reported by Bitcoinist a scandal concerning the Binance exchange platform has seen accusations of high costs of listing and non-adherence to the leaders of the decentralized principles that they claimed to follow.

According to the developer of a currency, the largest stock exchange in the world by volume had asked to pay 400 BTC, at the time of the value of $ 2.6 million, to list the resource, something that Binance later denied.

Coinmarketcap also saw the controversy, removing South Korean trade from its price data because of what it claimed to have been an excessive volatility in local markets in January of this year.

Responding to the survey, the developer of the Bitcoin Core BTCC currency known as Clashicly said The bitcoinist reform was urgently needed to prevent "abuse" through the decisions on the list.

"If they do not change their process or behavior they should be bifurcated, but that does not address their dominant position in the ecosystem," he said in some private comments.

They are abusing the trust that millions have in them. Should feel responsible for introducing part of the garbage in the ecosystem that has financially ruined millions

The losses for investors of some activities related to dubious issuers have been considerable, with the general index of the market also for the main coins that have reached 80%.

"Most of the lists have moved away from the spirit of cryptocurrencies and have damaged many as a result," added Clashicly.

[This] will cause the delay of mass adoption. The world does not need 2000 cryptocurrencies.

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