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Able Freight Services, the global leader in cold chain logistics with 25 years of activity, today announced that it has joined the Blockchain in Transportation Alliance (BiTA), an organization dedicated to determining best practices and standard for blockchain in the transport sector. Among the members of the BiTA are Descartes, Daimler, FedEx, SAP and Uber Freight among dozens of other global brands. Able Freight will bring his deep experience in the logistics of the cold chain (perishable) to the Alliance and will help to develop Blockchain-based solutions within this segment, which is showing significant growth and market interest in the last years.

Blockchain is a technology that allows you to identify and track transactions digitally and to share this information through a distributed network of computers. For the transport sector, Blockchain makes it possible to more effectively track goods and goods across the supply chain. Blockchain will allow transport and logistics companies to operate in a more transparent and transparent manner. It can also help create new revenue streams and customer value, enabling a transaction completion system, shipment tracking and fleet management.

"Blockchain technology will transform the supply chain by introducing greater transparency, innovation and efficiency," said Chris Burruss, President of BiTA. "We are very fortunate to have specialized companies such as Able Freight Services, which offers a very detailed know-how and expertise in the transport of goods for very sensitive loads, which requires precise control of temperature and environment, as well as tailor-made solutions. and 24/7 care for its management along the global supply chain ". Able Freight Services will be a key player in helping us develop blockchain standards in forwarding perishable products, as well as implementing technologies in value-added use cases. "

Able Freight has already developed and launched its customer portal called" DataHub "for perishable shipments.This is a web and mobile platform that contains monitoring of shipments in real time, access to all shipping documents on both sides from the shipper to the recipient and immediate visibility of the data on position, temperature and humidity of the cargo The portal will soon also offer shelf-life predictions based on raw materials for your shipments to actively control, plan and deliver the perfect product to the final customer!

The partnership of "Able Freight Services" with BiTA will allow us to be part of the process to define protocols and data standards that will influence the cold chain logistics sector with the goal to improve overall service levels, increase efficiency through automation, create more trust ucia along the supply chain and work on better data collaboration, "said Orlando Wong, CEO of Able Freight Services. Dr. Michael Kronenberg, the company's Chief Technology Officer, adds: "There are hundreds of small steps on many international players when you ship sensitive goods such as fruit, berries, vegetables, seafood or pharma.More we can streamline the process and working on a common technology platform to intelligently create and share data and to connect smart contracts to our operational performance, the better we can differentiate ourselves and the industry as a whole can move forward, improve and stop the status Here we like Able Freight we want to be a fundamental part of the blockchain movement and of BiTA when it comes to the logistics of the cold chain! "

About the Blockchain in Transport Alliance

BiTA was established in August 2017 by technical experts in technology and transport to create a forum for the development of the Blockchai standards n and education for the freight transport industry. It brings together leading companies in the field of freight transport technologies that share a vested interest in the development of Blockchain technology. BiTA engages in the sector and provides educational resources to promote the potential benefits of Blockchain technology. Over 1,000 companies have applied for membership. For more information about BiTA, see

About Able Freight Services:

Whether you are an agricultural producer, broker or international company, Able Freight has the perfect solution for your business. We are global experts in the management of perishable products imported and exported from the United States to destinations all over the world. We create competitive advantages for our customers by offering exclusive solutions and access to proprietary technologies.

Able Freight handles products accurately. 99.99595% of shipments are free of complaints. We export over 75,000 tons of perishable products every year, enough to fill over 750 Boeing 747s. Many of the world's most famous brands trust Able Freight with their shipments. Day and night professionals at Able Freight are always at work. Our 25 years of business and hundreds of years of collective employee experience enable you to take advantage of our industry-leading knowledge, responsiveness and innovative solutions.

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