A week in the markets 18.09.18: Tezos goes mainnet, Ethereum off the life support


In the last seven days we have seen the market rise from one of the lowest points for a long time and start recovering in the second half of the week. Titles have been dramatic for the regular press since declaring that cryptography is over to declare Bitcoin the absolute winner and all the rest is dying.

With the weekly market capitalization showing the current drop that hit the lowest point in the first half of the week, which is around 186 billion marks. If we then go out in an annual view to see the bigger picture and the low one it corresponds to the market levels for the beginning of last November.

As for the Bitcoin dominance, it's up, but back to the year view and you can see the models do not indicate that it's a knockout level for other currencies and this would also be based on a very simplistic perspective that the encrypted world is only a virtual currency and ignores all other complexities.

the main players, Bitcoin, are retreating into the green and getting a 2.46% increase in the week.

Ethereum, well, they hit all the titles and everyone seems to have an opinion on this. While Ethereum suffered a larger attack and dropped to 178, with Casper upgraded to a year away, the miners were not happy with the move to PoS, and the ICOs panicked, there were big concerns about the part lower. For now, it seems that Ether has found its bottom and has rebounded slightly and stabilized. Current price $ 220, but its recovery from the lowest point of the week was almost a third

The XRP managed to resolve the longstanding dispute with the R3 and did not have a week too bad, entering in the green at 28 cents, but while we were talking about historical lows this week, we remember the historical high of XRP, which was just under $ 4, which means they lost 93% of their highest value in January.

Bitcoin Cash, still in the middle of the war between builders and miners as they approach a probable rigid fork. More mud is launched, this time by Bitmain. The market is not impressing at the moment, a week poor compared to the other best currencies, with a decrease of 6.33%

EOS that behaved quite well in the current market conditions, has lowered the levels to $ 4.80 but up 6.59% to $ 5.38 at the moment. [19659002] Let's take a look at some of the big movements of the week, for gains and losses.

The biggest gain of the week is Aurora, which seems to have been a bit of a pump, jumping up 143% in one week, which obviously does not seem to be manipulated at all.

Behind this is the bouncy MOAC contender who manages to push his value in a 42% week.

The third place is interesting. Here we finally see Tezos to manage some good news. If you do not remember, this was one of the biggest ICOs, $ 232 million, but lost a year in internal legal disputes. They have gone through their Betanet tests relatively well, have instructed PWC to oversee the internal financial data and are now launching their mainnet. A good week with a growth of 32%.

Nano also has a good week, probably due to the launch of a POS system related to Nano, perhaps only the general recovery plus a little more, but by 25%.

For higher losses, well above the seven-day average, after the peak, the market figures are not so bad, as shown in the losses.

The biggest loss is Gas, down 14.60% and ending the week at $ 5.33. [19659002] Just behind them with similar figures there are Mixin, which remains stable for most of the week and then lets it fall eventually ending up with a loss of 13%

And behind that, Holo slips by 12, 66%

The big questions for the general market now, are we, have we really reached the bottom of the dive, and if so, what will come next, a long new winter? September is the month that could be recorded as the month when ICO fundraising deceased, or many ICO's optimistic investors realized that the game was active and had been active for quite a while.

What's the next big thing to change the landscape, security tokens? and when?

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