A third of German logistics managers think that Blockchain will improve supply chains


More than a third of German logistics managers believe that blockchain technology has the potential to significantly improve cooperation in supply chains, according to a Hermes poll published on 12 November.

The survey interviewed participants on what technologies they considered important to improve cooperation within the supply chain. 35% of respondents recognized the importance of blockchain, while 33% said that big data is important.

Participants also noted the importance of Cyber-Physical systems (56 percent), enterprise resource planning systems (46 percent), and sensor and data acquisition systems (44 percent).

In larger companies – particularly in companies with more than 250 employees – the estimate is even higher, with half of all managers noting the potential of blockchain technology in the industry. The survey specifies that the changes will go well beyond the normal process of digitization.

The survey also shows that three quarters of German companies believe that cooperation will be crucial to increase supply chain efficiency in the future. According to the report, blockchain technology "is considered a great potential in this context".

More than half of respondents from larger companies believe that blockchain technology is increasingly important to improve data security in the collaboration process. A third of small business logistics managers expect technology to be a valuable security improvement.

Knowledge of blockchain technology is more scarce in smaller companies. 42% of managers of larger companies studied technology, while only 21% of all respondents did the same.

The interest in applying blockchain technology for the logistics industry is increasing. Recently, nine major terminal operators and shipping companies have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) for the launch of an open platform based on blockchain.

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