A new and growing class of cryptocurrencies: coins and tokens & # 39; HDMS & # 39;


The 2018 brought with it a new class of coins that collect steam for their ability to reverse the trend in bear cycles. HDMS representing a "hyper-deflationary monetary system" are cryptocurrencies with integrated mechanisms to support a steady or rapid increase in real purchasing power. While some cryptocurrencies have an objective of privacy, high speed, low cost or ease of use, HDMSs have the goal of implementing operations or protocols to create scarcity or create upward pressure on its value compared to fiat counterparts. or crypt.

It should be noted that the Binance currency is one of the only coins that has given net holders gains over the first 3 quarters of 2018 so far. The Binance coin is the born child of the Binance exchange, much of this can be said but Binance, according to the fiat pair, is one of the 3 best exchanges of Cryptocurrency by volume. Binance designed the coin, which is actually a token built on Ethereum yet, for now, to be used for paying taxes at a discounted rate for trading on their platform .

A problem with BNB is that although it uses these methodologies for its tokenomics, there is a finite number of hyper-deflationary events, so once the final token mastering is completed it does not fall into the HDMS category anymore. Some hypothesize that the token will launch its own blockchain in 2019 and perhaps try to implement an additional utility for its adopters. No exact date seems to be set in stone for this potential launch.

OPTI otherwise known as OptiToken, is the first project attributed exclusively to Hyper-deflationary deflationary systems and first introduced and described this class of cryptocurrencies in an academic style blog post which has become popular in the tokenomic community called hyper-flexible monetary systems and because they should be owned and used. and suggests that this extreme hold on money could change the economy of cryptocurrencies at the macro level over time. OptiToken, which has just been officially opened for trading on the BTC-Alpha in the last 2 weeks, has already been opened and requested the biggest gain on CoinMarketCap 6 days out of 18 has been available for trading according to the OptiToken Telegram community and website coinmarketcap.

It will be fascinating to look at the graphs of this project since the mechanisms implemented should lead to extreme volatility in the first few months and in the quarters of trading. A " Buy Cycle " was executed in the early days and caused a price spike of almost 450%, speculators expect the next "buying cycle" to occur around the end of the first month . The team said that it will only announce the purchasing pressure cycles after the event in order to leave an element of spontaneity to the protocol. In addition, the buying cycles are not limited to 1 at a time, the team said that sometimes it will perform 4 waves of large time purchases in a short period of time, at a speed of a few hours or days before burning all purchased tokens . OptiToken will be the first cryptocurrency whose total supply will be a decreasing function with a capacity for infinite hyper-deflationary events so it is a token perhaps for the portfolio of all as MVP test portfolio that is algorithmically negotiated, in terms of earnings, outperformed bitcoin earnings up to 90% sometime from the beginning of the last year in November 2017. More information can be found on OptiToken.io.

BAY which in reality is not a new project, but a favorite cult that has been steadily gaining strength in the last 3 years. It has the properties of an HDMS, but in a sense it turns the switch on and off. Sitting at $ .03 around a future peg goal at $ 1, it has a more than sufficient margin for the speculative investor. In the last 2 weeks, the exciting and long-awaited feature film "Dynamic Peg" has increased by about 15%. The dynamic pegging system works as follows, controls and may increase or decrease the monetary base if desired, by BAY at any time on the basis of a voting system implemented in their portfolio. Do not you want to have the responsibility? No problem, by default, the wallet will automatically rate based on sentiment if the stakers prefer. Is it time to raise the price? Simple, blocks more supplies. Time for more liquidity? Express your vote and this democratic system will act accordingly based on your needs and needs. More information can be found here on BitBay.Market.

Interested in the economy of cryptocurrencies? Do you have an HDMS token / coin that we can add to our list for this series as we continue to cover these and others as the class develops? Send us a line or a comment in the section below the project and the idea behind it.

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