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In a sign of the greater influence of cryptocurrency players and the ability to pay high quality rates, Ripple's keynote speaker The two-day Swell conference was none other than former President Bill Clinton.

In what looked like a very strange cameo for Clinton, the former president largely fluttered through a conversation of an hour on his new book by James Patterson, on the rules of arms, on the background about the treaty. of Oslo, and a couple of loosely connected points on the cryptocurrency space thrown there for the public.

He had expected Clinton not to plunge into the regulatory complications that faced multi-billion dollar companies like Ripple (the company), but he offered caution to those responsible for where the industry moves later through the lens of what he experienced at the end of the years & # 90; deal with Internet companies.

"I think it's very important that people like you who live on the edge of this are not so carried away with immediate financial rewards and the sense of empowerment that you forget that a rule that no one has repealed is that if things look too good to be true, they probably are, "Clinton said. "In a modern world you need a way to determine it and cover it without killing the goose that laid the gold egg, which means you have to be smart about which regulations or other structures you've set . "

Clinton certainly did not seem to be a shingy blockchain-style evangelist on the stage, but expressed a focused enthusiasm about new technologies such as blockchain and artificial intelligence in improving accessibility and shaping the country's economic future.

"The whole blockchain agreement has the potential it does only because it is applicable across national borders and income groups, permutations and possibilities are incredibly large," Clinton said.

XRP year on year through CoinMarketCap

It is a euphemism that Ripple (the company) has had an incredible calendar year since his last Swell conference when XRP has come to rest 3 times where it was a year ago, however in the meantime it has raised astronomical multiples beyond the growth seen from other volatile cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and dove down almost as quickly.

Although Clinton was verbose on many topics unrelated to the conference, his few words about "not killing gold" with premature or excessive legislation seemed to be a popular point among investors and entrepreneurs in the crowd who have bought concept that XRP is perhaps the "safest" choice to bet on a future financial structure shaped by cryptocurrencies.

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