A blockchain solution for the education sector


One of the biggest challenges that recruiters and higher education institutions face is to ascertain the authenticity of candidates' academic and university certificates.

With the increase in the growth of doctorate certificates, recruiters and companies have sought the help of audit companies, which are not too well equipped to identify fake certificates.

Zebi Data, a startup that develops blockchain technologies for various industries such as income and hospitality, has built an exclusive blockchain platform for the education sector.

The EduChain platform has already bagged the IIIT (International Institute of Information Technology – Basar) as a client for the implementation of the platform. The institute will use the technology to verify requests from external agencies that seek to ascertain the authenticity of certificates issued by the institute.

"The issue of fake certificates has become a big problem, it is quite difficult for recruiters, higher education institutions and other interested parties to check the authenticity of a certain certificate, and Blockchain can solve this problem once for all, "said Babu Munagala, founder and CEO of Zebi, BusinessLine .

Zebi, who has about 40 employees in Visakhapatnam (Andhra Pradesh) and Hyderabad, plans to add another 60 in the current solar year. Its blockchain solution for the hospitality industry has 600 customers (hotels) in Andhra Pradesh.

Last week signed a memorandum of understanding with IIIT (Basar) at the Maiden International Blockchain Congress, to implement the project.

"The school that wants to be part of the platform will act as a node with full control of the data it has in. They will request requests from stakeholders to verify a particular certificate they have issued. they will provide an answer by checking their database, "he said.

Zebi has already developed a solution based on the blockchain for land registry documents and the hospitality industry, which is used by various Andhra Pradesh hospitals. [19659002] According to him, he can be a revenue generator for educational institutions that verify every certificate. Zebi receives a transaction fee on verification requests submitted by stakeholders.

"We have a plan to develop a solution for assigning digital certificates to students, which makes authentication much easier," he said.

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