6 realistic cases for blockchain in healthcare


There are six main ways in which the health industry will probably use the blockchain in the short, medium and long term, according to a report by the market research firm CB Insights.

CB Insights assessed emerging use cases for blockchain in the healthcare sector, based on ongoing projects, scalability requirements and necessary safeguards. Blockchain describes a permanent ledger of online transactions or exchanges, which, unlike a traditional database, is shared between a network of users rather than being managed by a central part.

"Throughout the advertising campaign, there is no doubt that blockchain distributed register technology can deliver real value to the healthcare sector," the report reads. "Blockchain could help solve some of the industry's most stringent compliance, interoperability, and data security issues, as well as enabling new patient-centered business models."

Here is a possible CB Insights roadmap outlined in its report:

Short-term applications

  • Health consortia and supplier information management
  • Supply chain of drugs

Medium-term applications

  • Claims management, payments and prior authorization
  • Exchanges of health information and research data
  • Trial research and design

Long-term applications

  • Universal identities, patient records and app services

To read the CB Insights report, click here.

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