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Born as a tough leap from Ethereum (ETH) as unleashed by the DAO drama, Ethereum Classic (ETC) could easily become just another strong point for the crypto community.

However, Ethereum Classic becomes more than "just another hard fork" along with gaining more momentum on several occasions from the beginning of August. In addition to getting support from Robinhood following the introduction of Coinbase support for ETC, Ethereum Classic has started attracting more investors.

Reflecting also on its position in the market, Ethereum Classic has also announced to enter the Internet of Things race, where IOTA (MIOTA) could be in charge of the game at the moment with automotive and technology giants such as Volkswagen, BMW and Fujitsu.

Many positive news regarding ETC has led to a more benevolent ranking even in the market, even arousing more interest from new investors and crypto enthusiasts, there are some indications that Ethereum Classic could easily reach the value of $ 40 or 200 $ by the end of the year.

Ethereum Classic (ETC) and Coinbase and Robinhood Exposure

At the beginning of August, the Robinhood platform announced support for Ethereum Classic, which brought Ethereum Classic closer to the US market, having exposure to investors from the United States.

As Robinhood has around 4 million active users, ETC has had great chances to improve its image on the market, something that happened only a few days later [19659002] Furthermore, Coinbase, one of the most popular and Largest on the market, he announced that Ethereum Classic must get support from Coinbase from August 7 which has led Ethereum Classic to a wider circle of investors as Coinbase has about 10 million active users.

This case soon reflected on the price of Ethereum Classic, as it soon outperformed the competition from TRON (TRX) and established itself as the largest currency of 13 that could be supported with the addition of ETC a Coinbase, which is considered one of the most demanding trading markets when it comes to quotations and support.

Although the market crash was actively influencing the market at that time, Ethereum Clas sic was furious. However, he later refused to be classified as 15 th – the largest currency, priced at around $ 10.

With more exposure to a total of 14 million potential investors through Coinbase and Robinhood, Ethereum Classic could have a great opportunity to return to its all-time high of around $ 40 by the end of the year, potentially going beyond the initial price breaking the resistance.

Ethereum Classic and the Internet of Things Initiative

While the first bullish return signal is expected for November or at least by the end of the year for Ethereum Classic, the tea behind ETC has introduced the community to the initiative to enter the Internet of Things industry, currently dominated by IOTA (MIOTA) which is already finding cases of use of IoT with its Tangle technology.

C & # 39; is a great value summarized within the projects that are related to the Internet of Things, so in the Ethereum Classic initiative to focus on & # 39; IoT could also bring great victories for the holders, as ETC could easily increase by $ 200 by the end of the year and at the beginning of 2019, in case the team presents a solid case of the use of 39; IoT for Ethereum Classic.

Otherwise, it is more realistic that the Ethereum Classic reaches the price of $ 40, probably going above $ 50 from its current price of $ 10.

This means that ETC is four times away from the first target of $ 40, making the $ 200 goal more realistic by including IoT and breaking the resistance of $ 40 per unit.

When it comes to judging the price of ETC in 2018 about the currency created during the same period of the last year of 2017, Ethereum Classic should head for $ 11 on 21st September st marking easily $ 40 by the end of December and the beginning of January.

although Ethereum Classic now has a potential in the area of ​​IoT, there are still s Some scalability problems that need to be solved for ETC to reach its full potential both in the market and as a project based on blockchain.

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