& # 39; Blockland & # 39; hosts the first hackathon blockchain at Cleveland State University


CLEVELAND, Ohio – A month before Blockland held its first "Solutions" conference, the blockchain group will challenge Clevelanders to come up with innovative ways to use technology.

The two-day event at Cleveland State University will begin with a workshop for people who do not know blockchain technology. Blockchain is an online distributed accounting system known to be the basis of cryptocurrency like bitcoin.

Although the system is praised for its secure central database without administrators, the technology is still new. Big companies like IBM are hastily searching for the best practices.

Outside the cryptocurrency, there are potential applications for blockchain in government, medical records, business, and more.

The hackathon participants will have to invent a prototype using blockchain.

The event is free. It is aimed at professionals in the sector and at high school and college students.

If people want to familiarize with the technology in advance, you can attend the workshops on October 23rd and October 27th.

Find more information here.

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