3 Cryptocurrencies Ready to Beat Bitcoin This week: VIBE, LSK and ETH


Every week offers unique opportunities to deliver invisible returns in most financial markets. Most FUDsters do not even realize that Bitcoin is still in positive percentage, year after year. However, since the bitcoin oscillates, the altcoins oscillate even more significantly. This week three altcoins require immediate attention: VIBE, LSK and ETH.

Choppy Market

If a bull run was behind the corner, this would be the corner it was in. Most of the "experts" in the CZ (Binance) field at most of the cryptographic funds said that this 8-month bear market will likely reverse between the 3rd quarter and the 4th quarter of 2018. The reason for this rollover of the market climate? Probably a plethora of catalysts that push BTC and the entire higher altcoin markets.

This week the Canadians were allowed to use an investment tool similar to an ETF to invest directly in Bitcoin (BTC) 0 0 [19659007] with a significantly lower risk (and tax deference). In addition to Canada, the United States has approved a stable currency supported by Winklevoss, which will be tested in the United States by multiple agencies (goodbye Tether and USDT).

What happened to the investigations that suddenly disappeared? Regardless of Tether's investigation, the Winklevoss brothers found a solution for a stable, controlled currency "tied" to the US dollar.

However, with nothing but positive news throughout the week, it seems that BTC does not even notice that it has gone from over $ 7,000 to about $ 6,300. There are rumors circulating that can be attributed to some of the Mt. Gox BTC is sold on the open market. Regardless of the market situation and the prices of BTC, there are some cryptocurrencies that should emerge during the next weeks / months.

Last week TRIG was named as the best cryptocurrency for the week. Since BTC fell from $ 7300 to $ 6200, TRIG went from 245 SATS to 340 SATS in the same 3 day period. These types of returns can be easily identified if you know what you are looking for.

This week the main objectives are: VIBE, LSK, and ETH.

3 Cryptocurrencies Probably Beat Bitcoin This Week

VIBE (VIBE) – Calendar, AR, VR, Facility and Platform Release by December 31 st

VIBE 0 0 is a cryptocurrency specialized in augmented reality and virtual reality. Their main concept is to bring users of VR devices to the best events around the world without the user ever having to leave the comfort of their own home. With the popularity of VR growing at an unprecedented level, it seems that VIBE has found an untapped niche in the blockchain space.

VIBE is an ERC20 token that serves as the underlying currency of the VIBEHub technology. This technology uses "the oppor- tation" to project essentially holograms of artists, instructors and tutors in the virtual reality space. This will allow individuals to enjoy concerts and be educated in a classroom as setting (if chosen) without even having to leave the comfort of their own home.

A cryptocurrency that allows users to watch their favorite live concert, from anywhere in the world, with tickets to the front seats, is a new concept. However, as long as it is not a reality, it is only a concept. VIBE is moving from an ICO to make their concept a reality by the end of the year. This kind of dedication and lack of procrastination demonstrate VIBE's desire to consolidate in space as a leader in VR and AR.

What makes VIBE relevant this week? Their criptocalendar! In the next three months VIBE plans to release its AR and VR platforms for VR devices. Only this would be exciting enough, but VIBE also plans to have an entire VR and AR facility open and accessible to the public before the end of the year.

With a market capitalization of less than $ 7 million and a single currency value of $ .03, it appears that VIBE has substantial growth margins if the concept of seeing concerts and interacting from the comfort of one's home continues to take hold. At $ 1.00 for VIBE, the entire cryptocurrency market capitalization would be under $ 300 million making this really "moon".

VIBE's plans are very ambitious, but with VR platforms, AR platforms, VR / AR and loaded calendars, VIBE looks a lot like TRIG last week as the best game this week.

Diversification is always important regardless of the investment choice, but if the King were to choose a currency from this list of 3, it would be VIBE for a short-term investment. VIBE has found a niche market that is easily exploitable and brings their working product and facility into operation by the end of the year. This should be a fantastic short-term game.

LISK (LSK) – Distributed trade exchange planned to be issued by 1 November 2018

Similar to NEO and ETH, Lisk (LSK) 0 0 is a decentralized application network that uses smart contracts powered by LSK tokens to provide developers with a platform to develop on. One of the strengths of LSK is JavaScript support. LSK has become a true treasure of the media and at the same time has created enthusiasm with developers and the public. Essentially LSK is a decentralized field of application.

Several key members of the ETH team are working on the LSK team and have also secured many strategic partnerships. One of LSK's most important partners is Microsoft (yes, Microsoft). Leveraging sidechains, LSK intends to integrate many cryptocurrencies already on the market. LSK has simplified the ease of creating applications so that those who are not even technology experts can take advantage of the platform.

 Crypto concert

With key ETH developers focused on LSK while the LSK smart contract network operates similarly to ETH and NEO / GAS, LSK could easily be the next major cryptocurrency. LSK's partnerships include Microsoft and supports both Azure Cloud and JavaScript. Focusing on sidechains, LSK becomes an easy choice for business development.

LSK has a market capitalization much higher than that of VIBE, which means that the probability of "mooning" is much lower. However, this does not detract from the strong partnerships developed by LSK. Their market capitalization is $ 396 million. The partnerships of LSK and the continued dominance of the market will be the reasons why BTC yields, even if it is not lunar compared to VIBE.

So what makes LSK a goal this week in addition to the above? They are planning to release a decentralized exchange by the end of October. About 1 month away it is important to beat the masses that accumulate in LSK up to these calendar dates.

An upcoming decentralized exchange, partnership with Microsoft, ETH developers working for LSK and simplified business solutions are all reasons why LSK should outperform most of the monsters including BTC in the immediate short term

Ethereum (ETH) – Dead Cat Bounce

There is a common term when trading stocks that oscillate a lot: "Even a dead cat rebounds." Although a little bit vulgar, the concept is important. Coins that look like "death" and are in freefall, will bounce when they hit their "bottom". ETH 0 0 managed to stop the trend of market retraction until mid-February still traded at $ 1000 +. However, here we are eight months later and ETH is trading at less than $ 180 for the first time in 2018.

Will the "dead cat bounce?" Time will tell but it seems that one of two things will happen. ICOs will be virtually declined indefinitely or the most likely option: ICOs are waiting for the installation of appropriate regulations. This will likely lead to more securitized tokens while providing guidelines to ICO's founders and investors. The ICOs have almost completely stopped since the end of the second quarter, all of them eagerly awaited by the world superpower regulations. However, many nations, including the United States, have made it clear that they will provide regulations that define how ICOs should take place.

At the time of writing, ETH was under $ 200 and the whole cryptic world was crying over the disappearance of ETH. Here we are 48 hours away and the ETH is back above $ 200 at a comfortable $ 221 per token with a market capitalization of $ 22 billion. At the pre-price of $ 200 I would be shouted "Buy". But with a 30% gain in less than 48 hours, it's hard to say whether it will beat the gains of VIBE, LSK or perhaps even BTC.

These regulations should not be avoided, but instead embraced. ETH has suffered due to the ever-decreasing number of ICOs launched on their platform (or on any platform). When the ICO's enthusiasm reoccurs once the regulations are in place, the ETH will be the coin all but forgotten, but probably capitalizing on the new flood of coin deals. From the current price of ETH an 8x would not be unheard of returning it to its previous ATH. If BTC 0 0 did an 8x it would be trading at $ 50,000.

ETH is a very risky game as there is no guaranteed calendar date for when future ETHs will start trading on major US goods exchanges. Nor is a projection for when the SEC will formulate regulations that allow ICOs and securitized tokens. When one of these two events occurs, they will provide the catalyst with the probability of driving ETH much higher.

Beating Bitcoin: How to Find a Needle in a Haystack

Finding an altcoin to outperform BTC and the rest of the market in a bear market is like finding a needle in a haystack. Last week we were very lucky to have stumbled upon TRIG before its major news and conferences, allowing it to earn 30-50% for those reading this article last week. Returns in the 50% range can not be scheduled regularly. But if you do enough diligence, you can greatly increase the chance that it will happen again while beating the returns of BTC (which should always be the main objective of a crypto trader).

This week the coins that seem most likely to beat those of BTC returns are VIBE followed by LSK. ETH has the ability to produce insane returns, but when those gains come about it could be this month, or in 6 months (according to regulations).

Remember to always take profits, do not be greedy and when there is blood in the streets – that is when you accumulate crypto!

[Disclaimer: This views expressed in this article do not reflect the views of Bitcoinist and should not be taken as financial advice.]

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