20% of the population of the Arab world lives in "poverty"


Ruudau – Erbil

Ahmed Aboul Gheit, general secretary of the Arab League, said today that more than half of the displaced people in the world come from our land of Arab origin, adding that 20% of the Arab world lives in situations of "multidimensional poverty".

This happened in his speech at the fourth Arab economic, social and development summit, which took place on Sunday in the Lebanese capital, Beirut, after the absence of 6 years from the economic summit held in Riyadh 2013 with the presence of only three leaders.

Aboul Gheit has urged Lebanon to contain the crisis of burning the Libyan flag on its territory a few days ago, which caused the absence of Tripoli from the economic and development summit started today in Beirut.

Aboul Gheit said in his speech at the summit: "I am saddened and sorry that Libya did not take part in the Beirut summit and I trust in the wisdom of Lebanese President Michel Aoun in containing the crisis".

Last Monday the Libyan government announced that it will not participate in the summit after the publication of an "offensive" video that documents the process of demolition of the Libyan flag and the removal from supporters of the Lebanese Shiite Amal movement as a protest for the protest. Tripoli invitation to attend the summit.

"Our summit takes place after an absence of six years, during which we have been occupied by major events: some of our countries have faced – and still are – the various types of security challenges, political unrest and crisis. humanitarians ", he said.

"More than half of Arab oil exports remain, and there is still a greater need to diversify economies to mitigate them from the fluctuations associated with energy prices."

"We need to be at the top of our priorities in the next phase and we need more effort, as more than half of the population in the Arab world is not connected to the Internet," he said.

"About 20% of the population of the Arab world lives in conditions of multidimensional poverty, measured not only by income indicators, but by opportunities for education, health care and living conditions," he said.

"Unfortunately, the Arab world is home to about half of the refugees and displaced people in the world, just know that about 4 million Syrian children have left their schools because of the war that has lasted seven years".

He referred to the "serious humanitarian crises in both Somalia and Yemen", demanding the absence of the "tragic reality our people suffer daily in Palestine because of the approach imposed by the closing Israeli occupation. and siege and unjust practices ".

He called on the world to tackle difficult questions in the future without delay or postponement, emphasizing that it is "providing food to over 360 million Arabs, preserving scarce Arab water resources, no more than 1% of world's freshwater resources, Climate and technological development that threaten traditional jobs ".

He revealed that "the negotiation of the Great Arab Free Trade Area is about to reach its goal, and about 95% of the detailed rules of origin have been completed"

The leaders of the Beirut summit also take part, together with the Lebanese president Michel Aoun, the emir of Qatar, Tamim Bin Hamad Al-Thani and the Mauritanian president, Mohamed Ould Abdel Aziz, while other countries are represented by leaders government or ministers.

While Syria is absent from the summit due to the absence of an official invitation by the League of Arab States, which suspended membership in Damascus in 2011.

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