1.2 million Canadians introduced in the free encryption business


Canadian Coinberry and BRD based in Switzerland have announced a partnership, which provides for the introduction of 1.2 million BRD clients for encryption.

New cryptographic trading platforms entering the market

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency trading continues to attract investors. For example, despite a bear market, cryptocurrency trading platforms are still being added to the market. On August 15, 2018, Coinberry and BRD announced a partnership "that will introduce 1.2 million BRD customers into the Canadian cryptography platform."

BRD claims to have been the first cryptocurrency app available in iOS space. According to the announcement:

Now available via apps for iPhone and Android, BRD has customers in 150 countries and its unguarded portfolio protects about $ 8 billion. The partnership between the two companies will introduce the BRD community of 1.2 million users on the Coinberry platform.

Coinberry has recently become the first Canadian company registered at the federal level to offer its customers the trade in Bitcoin and Ethereum without commissions. In addition, its website advertises that, using proprietary algorithms and trusted global exchanges, Coinberry can find its customers the best bitcoin and aether rates.

BRD (formerly Pane's portfolio) has continued to expand its services. In April 2018, under a coded project, Augustus, BRD transformed its platform from a simple Bitcoin portfolio to a decentralized financial services platform. As a result, BRD users can store and exchange the first 100 most popular ERC-20 tokens.

As for the advanced features of the BRD portfolio, Andrei Polikov, President of Coinberry, said:

BRD is both a pioneer and a technology leader in cryptocurrency, and we are very excited to join forces. BRD's portfolio has all the functionality that an encrypted user could want, and we expect the BRD community to take advantage of Coinberry's excellent rates on crypto.

Other options available for free Crypto trading

Because previously it was possible to trade with zero commissions on Chinese exchanges, Bitcoin was the treasure of traders – in particular, high-frequency traders.

In January 2017, an article Bloomberg entitled "High-speed traders are taking over the bitcoin" reported that the latest technology-equipped specialists were executing about 80% of the trading of Bitcoin,

With the volumes traced by Bitcoinity.org that rose to a record this month, there was no chance that high-speed traders would make a profit.

However, Bitcoin trading volumes declined significantly when Chinese stock exchanges started paying a fixed commission of 0.2%, starting January 24, 2017.

Since then, Bitcoin has become another business main in the financial markets. This status, coupled with the fact that a growing number of fee-free trading platforms continue to pour into the market, could lead investors to renew their enthusiasm for Bitcoin trading.

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Images courtesy of Twitter / @ coinberryio, BRD.

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