Youtube will ask users to rethink before posting abusive comments


Since the start of the year, Youtube has reviewed its internal policies, this action is part of several changes to which the platform is implementing deliver the best experience for both content creators and consumers. Now Susan Wojcicki, CEO of Youtube, shared progress that the company is having in this aspect, in addition to share some news in the fight against toxic users.


Support is available from app version 2.12.08 on TVs running Android 10 or later

The company’s first focus in this regard is against offensive comments. The new company tool will alert the user when he comments on something offensiveor inciting hatred. Despite this, this tool will not prohibit users from commenting, it will only give a warning in the comments that the tool detects as offensive.

This tool it will not ask for any comments that are made on Google’s video streaming network, but those that the tool detects as offensive or that are based on some content used repeatedly, such as spam.

However, this tool will not automatically delete abusive comments, this work will still be in the hands of the content creator, along with the existing platform tool that automatically removes comments for a type of “spam box”.

“Since the beginning of 2019, we’ve increased the number of daily hate speech takedowns by 46 times. And in the last quarter, of the more than 1.8 million channels we shut down for violating our policies, more of 54,000 closures were for hate speech. This is the highest number of closures for hate speech in a single quarter and 3 times higher than the previous high in the second quarter of 2019 when we updated our rules on hate speech “.
– said Susan Wojcicki, YouTube CEO on the platform’s blog.

But stop help content creators filter comments better, OR Youtube is improving the content filtering system in YouTube Studio. The new filter will look for inappropriate or offensive comments that have been automatically flagged, keeping those comments for review and removal without the content creator having to read them.

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The General Data Protection Act describes how companies should manage their information

These new tools are coming first for Youtube in English, the platform did not say when it would reach users in other languages.

The platform will also take action to assess the bias in its monetization assets. For this the Youtube will ask content creators to complete a voluntary survey on gender, sexual orientation, race and ethnicity investigate the presence of discrimination in their systems.

The company also said it has no data on the communities to which the posted videos belong. This is a necessary self-criticism on the platform, especially after several LGBTQ creators have consistently claimed that YouTube’s systems automatically demonetize their content or hide your videos.

This will also serve the platform to find “possible patterns of hatred, harassment and discrimination that may affect some communities more than others”. Youtube said if it finds irregularities in its systems, it will correct them and keep users informed of their progress.

Via: The Verge, Neo Win Source: Youtube


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