Yadhira Carrillo turns to Lety Calderon: she asks to be "touch the heart" and let your children see Juan Collado – Univision


  1. Yadhira Carrillo turns to Lety Calderón: she asks him to “touch his heart” and show his children Juan ColladoUnivision
  2. Leti Calderón remembers the position of his son Carlo after the separation from ColladoWho
  3. Yadhira Carrillo asks Lety Calderón to “touch her heart” and show her children their fatherThe stars of TV
  4. Lety Calderón reveals that her son Carlo had a “hateful” position towards his father Juan ColladoUnivision
  5. Lety Calderón spoke about the abandonment of Juan Collado | ClassClass magazine
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