XRP (XRP) – Is the Californian court decision a ray of hope for Ripple?

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<p><strong>  XRP (XRP) – </strong> A few days ago, the California District Court made a decision that would see the case contract and its founders relocated to the Federal Court : this creates an opportunity for all cases against the ripple to be consolidated in a single case, so this is really a reason to smile for XRP investors (XRP), or is it just another day in the corridors of justice? [19659003] Well, while cases against ripple will continue, being managed at the federal level means that decisions taken at that level will be the benchmark for other cases involving ripples or other cryptographic resources in the future. possible against ripple and accelerate the transition to a decision on its status. </p>
<p>  Since a prolonged limbo is itself negative for the price of XRP (XRP), it follows that the possibility of a decided The quicker the time can help stabilize the price and things can become volatile the day that such a decision is approaching, but once it comes, it will give a real direction to the XRP since any other case that will come later that decision will be judged on the precedence of the first case. </p>
<p>  The court decision can also be considered a first step towards the ripple victory because, if managed at the federal level, stakeholders of different nationalities and the state of the companies may be involved in the case. In the case of ripple, taking a more international perspective for the case could be an advantage for the ripple. This is because, although the people who sue for ripple are American, XRP (XRP) has a use that goes well beyond the United States. </p>
<p>  It is an asset that has investors all over the world, investors who are not invested in XRP (XRP) because of the ripple, but because of the utility of XRP (XRP) as a cryptocurrency. This aspect of the whole issue could give a twist to these cases, and perhaps minimize the risks of XRP as a security. </p>
<p>  In any case, investors can only wait and hope, although now it is clear that things could move a little bit. Faster. Furthermore, at the moment it is not just XRP (XRP) whose prices are depressed. Even with the judicial cases circumvented around the XRP, even all the other scrambled are falling with the Bitcoin domain that exceeds 50%. But this fall also means that the rebound will be higher than what has happened in the recent past, especially with the increase in technical progress of most of the altcoins. </p>
<p>  An XRP (XRP) bounce would be even greater if the altcoins started taking the same time, when a decision is made about the status of XRP, and that decision is positive. It is one of the few cryptographers to have gained tremendous adoption both in the banking sector and in a base currency for trade. It has only been a few weeks since DCEX, a reputable cryptographic exchange, has announced that it will use XRP (XRP) as a base currency. </p>
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