XRP trading will reach the regulated Nasdaq DX exchange on January 7th


Collaborating with Nasdaq, DX Exchange is a new competitor of the crypto-market and will hit the crypto-platform on January 7, 2019. With the announcement of the launch, the official Twitter account of the DX exchange has also revealed that the XRP trading from tomorrow – 07 January 2019.

At the starting point, the exchange will be based on the p2p cryptographic platform. It has official subsidiaries in Estonia and Israel, allowing people to trade important stocks of companies such as Apple, Facebook and Tesla outside the United States. It will allow digital securities with a 1: 1 ratio from stock in the 10 companies of Nasdaq. The official announcement says it as follows;

Digital stocks are supported 1: 1 for real-world securities traded on conventional exchanges. Buy tokens for the main businesses you choose to invest in, like Google, Amazon, etc. Therefore, when you hold a token, you own the company's shares.

The cryptocurrency platforms allow traders or investors to buy shares of any denomination, DX Exchange collaborating with Nasdaq has attracted a large number of small investors interested in trading the shares of Nasdaq companies. Use the Ethereum blockchain that will allow virtual stocks to get tokenized via smart contracts. With this module, the DX Exchange has received a mainstream interest from encryption enthusiasts all over the world.

Moreover, according to media reports, the platform that will be launched tomorrow will also have a place for foreign investors – as such, it will allow them to speculate on US stocks. In legal terms, the exchange is licensed by the Estonian financial intelligence unit, but will be reviewed by the US regulatory bodies.

The exchange defines the plethora of its trading system as follows;

"Digital titles combine the best of both worlds: blockchain technology and traditional equity investments"

To effectively implement the platform's mission, DX Exchange will use the Nasdaq financial information exchange protocol (FIX). In addition, tokenised shares will be acquired by MPS Marketplace Securities Ltd, which will do so

"Issuing tokens that represent actions on Ethereum's blockchain through smart contracts and buys and holds real-world securities based on demand".

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