XRP Technical Analysis


Rippling the company and XRP the native currency within the RTXP protocol is having the rough from both planes – basically and technically. Week by week, it is down 40 percent and loses more than 85 percent from the peaks in December 2017. If this continues, and particularly if the SEC says money is a security, then we could see XRP print 2 cents in the next few days. This is regardless of the decentralization strategy in place which has since reduced the control of Ripple to 48% on their UNL list.

From the news

C & # 39; is this centralization of thorny calls that Ripple is trying to extend. Every Tom and Dick always pulls the centralization card when it is cornered, but with the company's decentralization strategy in place, XRP is becoming the most decentralized currency in the cryptographic space.

Remember, even the coins of decentralization posters like Bitcoin and Ethereum are centralized -talk of mining pools. Indeed, centralization in Bitcoin is so serious that ordinary investors who otherwise want to take out the currency have no chance because of Bitmain's influence. There are also rumors that the ASIC manufacturer can actually attack the network now with less than 6,500 BTC.