XRP shows strong resilience – XRP retains its gains as the scrambled market dives – XRP Last updated – XRP / USD price today


The launch of digital currency based in San Francisco – Ripple, is closely connected with the non-compliance of the traditional philosophy of digital currency since its debut. The offer of conventional banking platform solutions for efficiency, the central nature of XRP and the team's comments in favor of the fiat standard have engaged the community in a feeling of hatred of the digital currency.


As commented by Michael Arrington – the managing director of Arrington XRP Capital – saying that one thing that is common and that everyone agrees in the encrypted space is that he does not like the digital currency. But this in no way affects the main holders of the currency: Ripple, as they are providing financial solutions to financial institutions and ordinary users out there.

Latest announcements of XRP helping to stabilize its value

XRP recently partnered with Wirex and the company was able to add digital currency support to its card Visa. As a result, the number of transactions and registrations on the platform has increased considerably – according to the company

There are also user comments on Twitter that XRP is a great overturning option. The case of micro-transactions is very important because many digital currencies have been attacked due to the high costs of loading transactions on the blockchain.

The use of XRP (XRP) enables fast and cost-effective transactions, providing an excellent opportunity for real-life adoption.

XRP (XRP) Price today – XRP / USD

Last week there was a constant violent sell-off in the encrypted market, and even the major digital currencies of the market were deep red. The only digital currency that has suffered a loss of a digit over seven days is XRP. During the past week, the digital currency has lost only 4% of its value, while some of the best coins in the market have lost about 20% of their value.

At the time of writing, XRP is trading at $ 0.4290 after a decrease of about 0.15 percent over the past twenty-four hours. The market capitalization of the digital currency is 16.92 billion dollars and its trading volume in the last twenty-four hours is 188.75 million dollars.

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