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XRP (XRP) has been around the last few days, with the etereum flippenning at some point in the last 24 hours. This is determined by the increased awareness that chain technologies such as XRapid are the future of payments. Its value proposition is unrivaled in the financial services sector. This is because it gives liquidity ready to financial institutions, while at the same time providing almost instantaneous settlements, at almost zero commissions. This means opening up new revenue opportunities for banks, especially the smaller ones that in the past had to rely on large banks for cross-border payments. But even for big banks, the huge capital reserves that XRapid will free could be directed to other lucrative areas in the financial world. Basically, once XRapid is gone, the banking sector could enter an unprecedented profitability

However, for other financial services companies whose only activity is cross-border payments, this could be a time of showdown. Most of these have built their business models around the rates, although it may not be in the best interest of consumers. For such companies, many of which are global giants that have been operating in the industry for over a century, this may be the time when they are face to face with interruptions. This is because XRapid is introducing a business model in which consumers can enjoy instantaneous global payments that these companies already offer, but at almost zero prices. This practically calls into question the whole point of the existence of these companies going into the future. In such an important economic context, two scenarios are likely to arise.

The first is that these companies could move with the times and adopt XRapid. In this way, they can restructure their operations and get leaner, but more efficient. They can then drive their brands rooted globally to find innovative new products that could drive them to higher levels of profitability in the future.

The second scenario is that some of these societies, due to bureaucracy and denial, will resist this new revolutionary technology. These companies are likely to become the dinosaurs of the financial industry. This is because consumers become accustomed to instant transactions and almost without success, for these corporate giants it will not be possible to justify their existence on the market. They will simply vanish from existence, just like many others in the past. Technology has always ruthlessly killed companies that fail to move with the times. At one point, Kodak was the dominant player in the photographic film industry. The failure to adopt digital technologies meant that it was declared bankrupt in 2012, eventually leading to a reign of over 100 years.

However, this upheaval that ripple is leading to the financial services industry will also lead to the emergence of new innovative startups that will bring services to consumers to the next level. Already, applications that allow people to send money instantly and almost zero fees are coming. These will increase as the years go by, a further radical trench as the backbone behind everything. This will increase the intrinsic value of XRP (XRP), since ripple continues to disturb the way people send and receive money. Just to contextualize how big the ripple is, just look at how it could have an impact on the global economy. This is a technology that has implications that affect the entire global economy, from people who repatriate money to their families, importers and exporters who move money faster, which in turn translate into faster business processes.

Clearly, the future of XRP (XRP) as an investment is brilliant. It is potentially able to transform the trillion dollars that the financial services industry is slowly taking shape, making the sky literally the limit for this crypt.

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