XRP – Ripple releases ripple 1.1.0: welcome news before SWELL 2018

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<p>  Ripple has now released ripple 1.1.0, which now allows you to authorize a particular address to send you money, while denying the same right to others According to the explanation on the portal of developers of the XRP register, the idea behind this is to comply with future financial regulations, because decentralized systems become more rooted in finance, regulators can issue new laws against money laundering that require the recipient of a digital asset to know the source of the money received </p>
<p>  Ripple 1.1.0 shows the forward-looking nature of XRP and its strong intent to conquer the global banking sector while still complying with financial regulations Compliance with regulations will be the key factor that will create or destroy most of the encrypted, because today the world is full of complex problems like terrorism, trafficking ico drug and many others that today most of the scrambled have not found a way around. As such, ripple 1.1.0 is a huge positive addition to the intrinsic value of XRP (XRP). </p>
<p>  The release of ripple 1.1.0 comes just weeks from SWELL 2018, a chain event in which key policy makers and financial sector operators from around the world will participate. Among the keynote speakers of this event are Bill Clinton, Gene Sperling and the heads of central banks including Marcelo Yared, the CIO of the Brazilian Central Bank. From its list of speakers, it is clear that the scope of ripple is now truly global and may be ready to replace SWIFT as a global cross-border payment method. Bankers and global policymakers would not talk about this event if the ripple had no strategic value for the future of the banking sector. </p>
<p>  Investors are expecting that during this event, ripple may make an announcement about some banks that are going ahead with XRP. Not that they can not announce it at any other time, but the fact that this is a huge and highly anticipated event by the community could be the perfect time to make this announcement. Ripple has always argued that several banks will be going live with XRapid in 2018, and any announcement of this at the start of the fourth quarter would have a huge positive impact on XRP until 2019. </p>
<p>  From the graphs, it is visible that XRP is strengthening the dynamics before the October 1 event <sup> </sup>  at SWELL San Francisco. This is because in the weekly chart, there is a slow accumulation of purchase volumes. The weekly XRP chart also began to swing around $ 0.25 – $ 0.30, after a series of declines before. This is an indicator that at this price level, buyers are surpassing sellers, and that the market, and may be ready for a breakout. An upside breakout at this price level could see XRP (XRP) easily testing $ 0.62, which is the first resistance level in the weekly chart. <img decoding=

If anything emerges from SWELL 2018 beats investors' expectations, then XRP (XRP) could retest $ 1, which is the next key resistance level in the weekly charts. In essence, SWELL could be the event that triggers an XRP rally that lasts throughout 2018. While the good news continues to grow around XRP, it will not be long before it explodes in value. At this point, the re-entry into the banking sector is virtually clear to everyone. It is positioning itself to become the standard for internal transactions and will solve a $ 1 trillion problem. With that, even an assessment of + $ 500 as many speculations could be a reality. Like

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