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XRP price forecast: xRapid ad and Ripple update can activate long term XRP price – Monday 31 Dec

Price XRP (XRP) today – XRP / USD

The XRP price seems ready to lose another 20%: the undulating shorts get ready

For those who have followed the articles on prices that have been published in recent times, the recent price decrease is something that was anticipated a few days ago:

$ XRP Ripple Price Analysis
For this price analysis, we will look at the USD side of things on the market.

In short, a traded interval is a point of resistance and support that the price trades back and forth between until it breaks above or below the exchanged interval.

So, according to modern trading theory, we should expect the price of Ripple to stop quickly at around 44 cents (not an exact figure, but only an estimate).

However, the momentum for the price of $ XRP makes it appear as if the price could fall further.

Can Ripple's new strategy trigger the XRP price?

Ripple records the record year, moves the strategy to XRP and xRapid Adoption
Ripple has just recorded a record year in the adoption of the proprietary suite of blockchain software solutions.

RippleNet, the network of banks and payment service providers that use Ripple's blockchain technology to process payments, has witnessed an explosive year in 2018.

Already in March 2018, Ripple's CEO, Brad Garlinghouse, said the company was underwriting a new bank a week. By the end of 2018, this number doubled, with Ripple reporting an average of two production customers every seven days. Among the registrations were PNC Bank, one of the top 10 US banks, and the National Commercial Bank of Saudi Arabia, one of the most powerful financial institutions in the Middle East.

With a growing number of banks in the stock exchange, Ripple is now turning its attention to the widespread adoption of xRapid, the cross-border payment product that uses XRP to increase the speed and liquidity of cross-border payments.

Ripple officially launched xRapid for commercial use, with three financial institutions on board.

"RippleNet now offers liquidity on demand to financial institutions for cross-border payments via the XRP digital asset.xRapid, the Ripple product that powers these transactions, is commercially available and goes into production with multiple customers, including MercuryFX, Cuallix and Catalyst Corporate Credit Union Union. "

Regarding the adoption of the same XRP, Ripple states that it has more institutional clients interested in XRP than ever before.

According to Garlinghouse, institutional investors are buying XRP from the company at a record pace.

"One of the things I will do around a future announcement – we will report on the third quarter XRP markets, which we always share, where we are witnessing the institutional participation in the purchase of XRP, the third quarter will surely be a record of participation institutional purchase and interest in maintaining XRP. "

At the Crypto Finance conference in Half Moon Bay, California, Ripple co-founder Chris Larsen deepened his vision of the company for the future of XRP.

"We think that the use case for the XRP and XRP register the digital asset is really around, initially, by reducing the cost of liquidity for cross-border payments In the long run, we think it is a key winner in this race to be another digital resource for the world for all types of use cases.It is a long-term game.It must have value It can not just be a store of value for the value of the store of value. It must actually have a use case, and that's how we see this evolving. "

Ripple owns 60% of the total XRP supply, with 91% of that investment blocked under warranty.

Well, Swell happened next, and while it was supposed to be a low-key conference, it was a big announcement. That is to say, xRapid is finally in production, with three partners already using it to regulate their international money transfers.

Those were good news. And what happened next? The price of XRP has decreased. We dig a little deeper.

Cryptocurrencies, like any other commodity or resource, can grow in value for two reasons: they can be useful or speculators might be interested in them. This is Economics 101. At this point, very few cryptographic coins are useful in the real world. This means that their value is dictated mainly by speculative pressure.

Ripple is in a transitional period. It is turning into a project (and a token) that is becoming useful in the real world because banks, remittance services and financial institutions are slowly (but surely) adopting both the platform and the currency. But the process is only beginning so the speculative pressure is still very strong and is keeping the value of the token.

Is XRP going down?

So if xRapid is finally in production, why is the price of the token going down?

Because it started only with three users, who are not very large. But if things work well for them, other banks (larger banks) also adopt xRapid (Banco Santander already has another Ripple platform in production), which will create a much larger demand for XRP. Not because of trade but because it is a useful currency that solves problems for real people.

The only thing you need to know about the value of XRP is this: it's not a sprint race; it's a marathon. But Ripple technology and token have proved to be useful for many companies around the world, so they're sure to get more users.

And with more users, there will be a higher volume of trade that will drive the price of money because of utility, and not because of pure speculation. Keep in mind that even Stellar Lumens and LiteCoin have seen Ripple's project and have followed the example, because they know that the adoption of a mainstream cryptocurrency is the only thing that can make it valuable in the market, circumventing the speculative measures.

This is a time to think long-term, and there are many good long-term bets in the cryptosphere. Tron, Stellar, Bitcoin (surprise!), Cardano and a few others, but among them, there is Ripple.

Do not worry about the current market. As I said before, it's irrational. Be rational and overcome the market. Not this week. Think only in the long term. Is the market terrible now? No, it's not terrible. It is cheap. It is probably the right time to buy. But do not take the floor. Do your research, reach your conclusions and never include cryptographic money that you can not afford to lose.

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