XRP is on the run while the White House supports ripple


The last 24 hours have been a really good time for the cryptography market, and even more for XRP in particular. In that short period, the crypt increased by about 10%. It's a pretty decent figure as the bears have camped out for a week. XRP is currently the third largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization. Bitcoin and Ethereum take the first and second positions respectively.

What has just happened?

Within the first hour of the market event over the weekend, the currency saw an increase of 10%, but later things calmed down and the price fell slightly to a more stable position 39, within the range of $ 0.45. In fact, all the top 10 cryptos have benefited from the market event, with Ethereum (ETH) the biggest winner. ETH spent the last week hanging just under the sign of $ 200, but now it has changed since the currency is now increasing by a few points compared to the $ 210 mark.

As XRP has risen and dropped to stabilize, it is quite certain that his bullfighting session is not over yet. Judging from what's happening on the market and on the business side of Ripple, the XRP seems ready for a big bull run soon. According to Corry Johnson's interview with Breaker magazine, Ripple has been in talks with the Trump administration, and the White House seems to be really in a good mood to support the company's business ventures. Corry is the chief strategist of the Ripple market, whose main task is to raise awareness on Ripple and XRP.

Ripple, XRP and the White House

For one, the administration sees XRP and Ripple as a rupture of most of the encryption and blockchain companies currently on the market. At the moment, much of the encryption is dominated by the Chinese, something that does not go very well with the administration. Considering the state of Ripple as an innovative and world-changing company, which is spreading its influence around the world, the Trump administration looks at it and its native cryptography, XRP, like the bullet silver to put Chinese competition in the growing industry.

Even though Corry did not divulge the details of Ripple's talks with the Trump administration, it was clear that things are moving in the right direction. Of course, XRP is on the path of an important bull when the details of the speech are made public. Furthermore, the fact that Ripple now has a number of major banks, such as Standard Chattered and Santander, on its network and the launch of new systems such as xRapid and XPring, adds an extra touch.

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