XRP heading towards 15 cents – Times without bank


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The fundamentals are positive for XRP and, until now, more exchanges are actually indicating XRP as a base currency for convenience purposes. However, regardless of this, we still have to see some significant gains as prices translate into a sales demand and are currently trading below 45 cents and margins close to 40 cents. Any drop below this means that operators should shorten XRP and aim for 15 cents. From the news A Taiwanese exchange of cryptocurrencies, Bitrue will offer trading pairs with XRP as a basis. In this way, it deviates from the tradition set by most exchanges whose basic currencies are dominated by ETH and BTC. In addition, Bitrue is inclined to provide general transparency to the ICO market and, to ensure that this happens, it must list only the professionally selected ICO tokens. This is on top of the collaboration with Wanchain, a cross-platform. Mike Novogratz supported Alphapoint, a

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XRP Technical Analysis: XRP to 15 Cents

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