XRP could become a base currency for the main exchange, is it ready?


XRP is still spinning higher and its popularity is at the height of its existence. Today the currency received even better news as an important Canadian stock exchange announced that it was exploring the possibility of making it the base currency. This means that XRP would be combined with over 30 listed cryptocurrencies offered by the exchange. CoinField, Canada's most advanced encryption platform, sent a tweet a few hours ago saying that it was considering the possibility of adding XRP as a base currency.

Ripple Delivering On The Promise

In the last 48 hours, Ripple has had an abundance of good news. From XRP recovering 63%, Wikipedia and Coil work together to use XRP and now the possibility of becoming a base currency. According to the announcement, this initiative will come into force when the platform prepares to launch in 69 new countries.

If XRP were to be added by CoinField would be beneficial to both parties. The XRP would be exposed to the market of over 69 countries, preparing it for mass adoption. CoinField, on the other hand, would get a faster transaction processing, reduce transaction fees and bring new users into the exchange.

Given the popularity that XRP is getting at the moment, it would be an ideal time to add it as a currency base. The recent wave is expected to attract large engines, which will increase trade volumes for the exchange. In addition, the surge has attracted many potential investors interested in cryptocurrencies, and if everyone's best performance is your base currency as an exchange, then your set will attract a huge market base.

Ripples ability to make transactions faster and cheaper led to its popularity among banks and other financial institutions. This is something that has yet to be explored by an encrypted exchange, but it seems that the stage is being defined. Even if CoinField does not have to go ahead with the plans, some other exchanges could simply gather the idea.

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