XRP-Centric SBI Holdings, invested in these two companies in North America for additional cryptography products


Less than 24 hours ago, Ethereum World News published a story about how the company SBI Holdings aims to conquer the cryptocurrency trading arena with its cryptographic exchange VCTRADE. In the article, we said it would do so by buying a 12% stake at the US trading company called Clear Markets.

Continuing on this point on the company Clear Markets, it can be confirmed that SBI Holdings has actually invested $ 9 Million in the Clear Markets firm based in Charlotte, North Carolina. The company itself has offices in New York, London and Tokyo, making their scope globally much wider than previously stated.

Through a 12% share in Clear Markets SBI plans the construction of a derivatives exchange that allows to set up investment products must be linked to the price of Bitcoin and most likely our asset preferred digital XRP. SBI, through its recent financial report, aims to increase its stake from 12% to 20% at Clear Markets.

Matti Greenspan, eToro's senior analyst, had stated the following about the recent stability of XRP in the markets:

The recent increase in XRP is probably related to Ripple's investment. The SBI plan to launch XRP derivatives … Large banks could be stressful by testing the system for wider adoption.

The SBI company also invested in Lancium Technologies of Canada which provides wind power to encrypt monetary extraction activities. This means that SBI is also aware of the carbon footprint environment of cryptocurrency extraction and aims to reduce emissions globally. The use of Lancium wind energy is a win-win solution for both parties involved in the development of renewable energy sources.

The Lancium Technologies agreement includes equity investments and debt financing from SBI holdings. The funds will be used to accelerate the development of Lancium data center solutions. SBI also intends to extend its encryption activities to the Lancium data centers.

Michael McNamara co-founder and CEO of Lancium, commented:

We are excited to welcome SBI as a major shareholder and client. Our data centers will provide SBI with an exceptionally economical and totally environmentally friendly solution that provides them with the computing power they need. They share our desire to develop new markets for intermittent renewable resources and provide sustainable, carbon-free energy solutions to our data center customers. We are excited about the opportunity to bring a new, high growth load to the renewable energy sector.

SBI Holdings CEO, Yoshitaka Kitao added:

The Lancium solution is a strategic investment for the SBI Group and will enable us to expand our low-cost green energy-based cryptocurrency business. This is a victory for all the interested parties and for Mother Earth.

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