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XRP and Bitcoin Cash [BCH] they play in the new year with a sharp increase in prices

The cryptocurrency market has remained strong in the face of bearish adversities. As the year comes to an end, popular cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin [BTC], XRP and Bitcoin Cash [BCH] they were all in the saddle at a rollercoaster price that left users and investors scratching their heads.

At the time of writing, XRP was up 8.32% with a total market cap of $ 15.338 billion. The cryptocurrency was trading for $ 0.37 with a 24-hour market volume of $ 733.798 million. The sudden price increase is very evident from the chart, shown by the side peak on December 28th, after which prices stabilize in a sideways movement.

Most of the commercial volume of XRP was held by Bitbank, which controlled $ 82,716 million transactions. Bitbank was closely followed by Upbit, which had a hold of 82.413 million dollars.

The XRP was also in the news recently when it was revealed that almost 90 million XRP tokens were transferred from one unknown portfolio to another. The movement was notified by Whale Alert, a Twitter handle that stated:

"90.000.000 #XRP (33.493.911 USD) transferred from unknown Portfolio to unknown Portfolio Tx: https://bithomp.com/explorer/432596B0BBA3ED425"

Another cryptocurrency that tried to emulate the previous bull run was Bitcoin Cash, emerging as the biggest winner of the 10 best cryptocurrency clubs. BCH was up 15.3% and traded $ 171.18 with a market capitalization of $ 3.00 billion. The market volume of 428.433 million dollars of Bitcoin Cash was mainly divided between Upbit and Huobi, with the former holding 11.93% of all BCH transactions while the latter recorded transactions on the platform for Bitcoin Cash for a value of 53.938 million dollars.

Pre-fork owners of Bitcoin Cash on eToro had a truce when the platform announced that:

"We are about to credit the relevant user accounts with the dollar value of the BCHSV coins at a price of $ 92 multiplied by the number of BCH units held at the time of the fork."

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