XRP & # 39; s Surge: Justin Sun believes it is a sign that financial institutions will adopt Blockchain


The community of cryptocurrencies is in awe of the performance of XRP in the markets in the last days. The digital asset began the slow upward climb to $ 0.274 at Septmber 17 just to trigger and release Ethereum from yesterday's 2 point and according to market capitalization. The XRP recorded a new peak of $ 0.769 and a 180% increase compared to the value of $ 0.274. The digital asset is trading at $ 0.583 as we settle over the weekend.

Justin Sun believes that the XRP Surge is a sign of the adoption of blockchain

In a recent tweet, Justin Sun would postulate that the recent increase of XRP in the markets, was due to the fact that PNC Bank recognized the Ripple protocol. He also added that it is a sign that financial institutions will embrace the blockchain. He would continue to declare a little-known fact that had once been Ripple's Chief Representative in China.

His complete tweet was as follows:

The XRP pulse shows the recognition of the Ripple protocol by PNC Bank. With Bill Clinton keynoting Swell 2018, blockchain is going mainstream! As Ripple's Chief Rep. Of Greater China since 2014-16 and a Ripple shareholder, I am confident that financial institutions will adopt blockchain. # TRON $ TRX

Justin congratulates Ripple and Stefan Thomas

In a short tweet, Justin Sun first congratulated Ripple and his former CTO Stefan Thomas . He did not continue to elaborate on the exact reason why he congratulated them, but the following could be the reason:

  • Coil, a project led by Stefan Thomas, is testing the monetization of the web with Wikipedia and other websites
  • XRP rising markets
  • Indicates that xRapid will be available next month
  • PNC Bank recognizes the Ripple protocol and its possibilities in the banking sector by simplifying cross-border transactions through xCurrent

The complete tweet can be found below.

Do you think that financial institutions will end up embracing the blockchain? Please let us know in the comments section below.

[Image courtesy of, twitter.com/justinsuntron]

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