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xRapid and xCurrent to Lube the $ 4.88 billion e-commerce market claims the former eBay executive

R.J. Pittman, former e-Bay chief product officer, believes that Ripple and its three main solutions will be one of the main drivers that will contribute to the growth of multibillion-dollar e-commerce. While we reaffirm The comments he made at the Ripple-sponsored SWELL conference, Pittman said that current payment systems have not yet reached "critical mass" and considering the importance of future payments, an adequate payment infrastructure. it should integrate cost models and scalable systems because the future of digital payments will be very competitive. At the moment, it is estimated that around 15% of all payments are made digitally.

Ripple solutions are designed to be fast, cost-effective and their transformation program will certainly be the lubricant of a global network that the e-commerce platform can exploit to get better revenues and satisfied customers. Because network transactions are transparent, customers and merchants can connect to RippleNet through this real-time e-commerce platform that knows exactly the status of their transactions, eliminating the need for human-intensive contact centers .

"The buyer wants to know: the seller has shipped the goods? The seller wants to know: the buyer has paid? Where is the money? Who holds it? And you somehow have PayPal in the middle to most countries, but not all in. And it's sort of this mysterious game of riddles, and it was one of the biggest call center call drivers – we had thousands of people in the contact center answering the mysterious questions about where find my goods and where is the payment.And even when the buyer paid, by the way, it did not necessarily mean that the seller had the money and that it was resolved.There was another level of mystery of exactly when this would happen ".

In 2017, sales from e-commerce platforms were estimated at $ 2.33 billion, but the figure is expected to reach $ 4.88 billion by 2021. Of the $ 2.33 billion global sales of -commerce, the first three e-commerce platforms in the United States-Amazon, Wal-Mart and Apple grossed $ 99.9 billion in revenue in 2017, as they controlled only 9% of the total market share.

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