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XPP Tip Box improves security; Prevents attacks on unverified Twitter handles – XRP News today – XRP / USD price today

The popular Tip Bot from XRP recently received an update
which allows it to protect funds belonging to users who have not been claimed. The security update was performed by the creator of the XRP Tip Bot,
Wietse Wind. He announced that the update has been implemented
on the Twitter handle.

He said the wind
that if a user forgets to migrate his balance from the old to the new handle,
there will be no security problems.

The wind tweeted:

"I just added a little security @xrptipbot. Over it
By changing your Twitter handle, TipBot gives you the ability to migrate your balance
(from your old to the new handle). However, if someone forgot to do it
this, an attacker could register the old handle and request the balance. Not

(XRP) Price today – XRP / USD

The Twitter user who follows the handle @michahesse noticed the problem with the suggestion
bot and quickly informed Wietse Wind. This problem has been corrected by Wind as the
security has been updated. After this again
update, all users who change their handles must update the QR codes used in the donation, as well as the destination tags.

How the Tip Bot works

The new Bot update helps users continue to use the suggestions in their accounts
ensuring that hackers will not use this loophole to their advantage. L & # 39; update
It also came with a bug, but it was also identified,
and the creator was informed. Has been solved
In short.

bot allows users to give XRP advice on Reddit and Twitter using only their handle
names. Wind, the creator, said earlier that he was captured by digital
well after seeing an interview with
David Schwartz, CTO of Ripple.

Twitter users have used the opportunity to ask
questions about the update. A Twitter user,
@Vigril_Hawkin asked:

"Strictly out of curiosity. If one were to
change their handle and was therefore taken from
another @xrptipbot then blocks that account as it was al
the time of the change and therefore a "new" account
created for the person who claimed that manage?

The creator
he answered, saying:

"Exactly. And then, when the user with the
modified the handle manager with the new handle, TipBot offers a file migration

More questions
arrived for Wind as another user, Kryptonian_23 asked:

"Someone could get his ass if he had his
Has the Twitter account been banned and has it never been possible to lift the ban? "

he also answered by saying:

"It would be a problem, yes. However, most
users who have had this success to them have recovered their funds manually from me
verifying and sending them back. If deposited from a personal account
instead of an exchange, so I can check if they have access to the account.

He owes us
there have been many changes made on the tip tip in recent times. In the past, it allows users to open a paper-based account on tip-tip, but this requires users to
connect social media accounts to create the account. A recent update in
Last November, he changed.

Wind is a prominent member of the XRP community and the crypto community. He has
he worked to expand the knowledge of the digital currency. Currently, wind
is making plans to start a software company that builds useful products like
like the flagship XRP bot. He also hopes to build consumer-oriented
necessary tools for XRP

the Ripple community is planning to start projects that do not work
Ripple labs. The main goal is to build a
more decentralized community in which the participants
and interested people thrive.

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