Xbox Series X: Snoop Dogg very special console variant from Microsoft


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Snoop Dogg is known as an avowed gamer and Xbox fan. For his birthday he receives a very special console version of the Xbox Series X from Microsoft. We show you the video.

  • The Xbox Series X will be launched worldwide on November 10, 2020.
  • American rapper and self-confessed Xbox fans Snoop Dogg he had his birthday just a few days ago.
  • To do this he has Microsoft a special for the now 49-year-old gift come and with it to Meme Make it a reality.

Long Beach, Kalifornien – Who the name Snoop Dogg he hears, he will immediately associate some things with it, besides rap and herbs also his love Gaming. For example, we saw him playing Battlefield 1 at E3 2016. In particular, he turned 49 on October 20, 2020 Rap singer a big fan of Xbox. Here because Microsoft for his birthday just before the release of Xbox Series X a very special one gift prepared. So this is a file Meme about Console now it becomes a reality.

Name of the console Xbox Series X
Producer Microsoft
kind Fixed game console
Generation 09. Generation of consoles
Storage medium Blue Ray
publication 10. November

Xbox Series X: Snoop Dogg receives the Xbox refrigerator for his birthday

After the first announcement of Xbox Series X As of December 2019, it only took a few minutes for the Xbox Series X design to become the subject of a lot of jokes on the internet. Comparisons have emerged with the 2001 monolith: A Space Odyssey or Granite Block Spongebob. Most of them, however, mostly felt one thing fridge remembered and took the opportunity that Xbox Series X to be integrated into all possible cooking corners on the Internet using Photoshop There was already a new one Meme Born. And the joke doesn’t seem to be in Microsoft either Snoop Dogg to have passed.

On Instagram has the Rap singer a few days ago video published in which he made a file Xbox Series X refrigerator shows along with its content. Well, he doesn’t take any Console aside and shows the individual parts, apparently it has a real one fridge in the design of Xbox Series X obtain. Apparently a Birthday gift for the 49 of Microsoft himself. Snoop Dogg deleted the video, but some Fan they were quick enough that video to film it and then share it on the Internet.

Xbox Series X: Fridge for Snoop Dogg with lots of content

I am video let’s see Snoop Dogg the protruding one fridge opens and shows all content. Plus a shaped birthday cake Xbox Series X there is also a real one, real inside Console, a few first-rate Xbox chains and all the essentials for a well-stocked service fridge. Also made with eggs and orange juice Microsoft Snoop provided. The in Long beach to live “Xbox OG“But he’s not the only one with one fridge. Also YouTuberin iJustine apparently received one and a third fridge he should be lucky Fan to be drawn.

Xbox Series X: Snoop Dogg is the proud owner of an Xbox refrigerator

© picture alliance / dpa / Microsoft (Montage)

I am video from iJustine you can see them complete the file fridge freed from its packing material. The packaging looks exactly like the actual packaging of an early Xbox Series X unboxing video. Just huge, around the fridge also accommodate. Several times the fridge Incidentally, not produced, the three existing copies are the only ones that will be available. It doesn’t help to spend 2,500 euros on Xbox Series X, like at this store in England.

Rubriklistenbild: © picture alliance / dpa / Microsoft (Montage)

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