World marathon champion – Ramona Forchini: “I did not expect a medal” – sport


World Marathon Champion – Ramona Forchini: “I didn’t expect a medal” – Sport – SRF

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On Sunday Ramona Forchini was crowned mountain bike world champion in the marathon. He talked to SRF about it on Monday.

“I never expected a medal,” says Forchini in the live chat on the SRF Sport Instagram channel with moderator Olivier Borer. The success of the cross-country ski specialist surprised her too. In the summer she never dreamed of winning after 81km in Adapazari, Turkey.

Sure, he was in good shape, the 26-year-old said. Forchini was twelfth of the European cross-country championship in Ticino a week ago. But behind Forchini there is a period of suffering.

Still ashore in June

In June they had problems with their plagued lymph nodes from one day to the next. An insect bite in the groin with an abscess had to be treated with antibiotics. “I was advised to walk around the apartment for only 30 minutes twice a day. This completely threw me off track, ”says the woman from Toggenburg. The story learning effect: if it goes very deep, it goes back very high.

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