World Blockchain Festival: Noah Project brings together thousands of crypto-geeks under one roof


The greatest event of this year's cryptocurrency is coming!

The World Blockchain Festival, which will take place in Japan on October 13, is less than a week away. The Saitama Super Arena, the third largest arena in the world, will gather thousands of cryptocurrency users from different countries to meet and listen to global influencers, top policymakers, contributors and entrepreneurs.

This event becomes possible thanks to the landlords, one of whom is the Noah Project, an ambitious blockchain venture from the land of the Rising Sun.

"We are very proud to host this important event," says Clarke Robertson, director of Noah Project. "The World Blockchain Festival aims to present blockchain opportunities to the general public and show how innovations and high technology can change people's lives for good.We are waiting for a large number of speakers, uninterrupted networking and passionate discussions ".

The hosts have reached the impossible to obtain the pop diva Mariah Carey as a special guest to make the festival truly unforgettable! The five-time Grammy Award winner will perform his best hits in the event. Are you ready for the show?

The list of speakers is no less impressive. The organizers have invited many exceptional and well-known people who will share their ideas, present innovative products and projects. For example, Miguel Cuneta, co-founder and chief community officer of Satoshi Citadel Industries (SCI), will explain how his financial technology company is building the blockchain ecosystem in the Philippines.

The world's first Blockchain university is of particular interest to the festival, where it will finally be presented to the general public. Dan Khomenko, co-founder of UBAI [University of Blockchain and ICO] will present the first ever education, where everyone could become a certified professional and build a desired career in the blockchain industry.

The panel of speakers also includes Randy Hencken, director and co-founder of Blue Frontiers, a company that develops floating islands that will be placed in special economic zones, first in French Polynesia.

Thanks to the efforts of the Noah team and all the guests, the World Blockchain Festival promises to become the biggest event in the cryptocurrency space. It offers participants a fantastic opportunity to meet the best representatives of the industry, exchange experiences and innovative ideas, have fun, listen to Mariah and have fun communicating with each other.

The Noah project itself remains at the forefront of innovative technologies, creating its own blockchain ecosystem. The company is now building a futuristic Noah City, destined to become a point of reference for all cryptomain evangelists. In addition to the city, the team is building a beautiful low-cost resort, the Noah Resort, and is developing Noah Coin-based high-tech remittance solutions. The founders also work with CoinPayment and PayRemit to make the digital money management process easier, more convenient and more exciting.

For more details, visit the official website of the World Blockchain Festival and the Noah Project or ask your questions in the Telegram chat, on Facebook and chirping.

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