With face surgeries, Epa Colombia looks like Sara Uribe


Daneidy Barrera, known as Epa Colombia, became a retouching on the face and they assure that she looks like Sara Uribe.

Her face has changed so much with the surgeries, which guarantee it It looks similar to the famous presenter and model.

An Instagram account She was in charge of replicating a round of questions that EPA Colombia addressed to its followers on Instagram.

There the face of Epa Colombia was so outlined and subtle that some followers told him he had something very similar to Sara Uribe.

“Physically she was identical to Sara Uribe, doesn’t she look like them?” was the comment one man left and some found the reason.

“Yes, it has an air” and “better than Sara and obviously much younger,” other followers responded.


While some have insisted on Epa Colombia’s similarity with Sara Uribe, other followers saw her as prettier and even congratulated her.

“Well, Epa Colombia is very nice”, “How good for her, congratulations”, “she looks super cute, it’s good for you” and “divine”, they commented.

Epa Colombia is currently very dedicated to her hairdressers, a company that has allowed her to buy an apartment and a car.


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