William Shatner tries to rob a bank in the announcement for Blockchain.com


William Shatner is not a face that you would probably miss in the crowd. And you would probably recognize him wearing a bandana that covers half his face if he was robbing a bank. C & # 39; s your premise in a recent campaign for Blockchain.com, where we see the legend of Star Trek that is seen humorously promoting a new exchange of cryptocurrency, called The Pit.

The Pit advertisement claims that it is the fastest exchange of its kind in the world.

Within a minute, Shatner and his would-be accomplice organize a bank robbery to get money, while the cashier informs him that a better alternative would be to exchange currency in The Pit.

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"After years of turbulence and clamor, euphoria and disillusionment, we are in a phase in which the applications of the real world of cryptocurrencies are having tangible impacts all over the world," said Haider Rafique, responsible for the growth of Blockchain.

"The campaigns that drive education, awareness and the first purchase of cryptocurrencies are fundamental to maintaining this momentum and making the crypto user community grow."

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