Will Samsung follow Apple and give up the charger in the box?


Tech junk is one of the biggest problems today, and smartphone companies are largely responsible. That’s why today we see companies like Apple or Samsung change small behaviors to minimize the impact. In addition to using recyclable materials in the creation of its products, Apple has begun removing the power supply from its boxes.

Samsung looks like it will take the same action.

Will Samsung follow Apple and forgo the charger and earphones in the box?

Samsung has stood out in the past for removing plastic from its box, however, this is too small a step for all the recycling problems the world is going through.

Apple, on the other hand, went further this year and left some accessories out of the box, namely the power supply. In fact, this accessory is already widespread in our homes and many, probably, are also lost in the drawers of the stuff.

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Caixa makes Apple iPhone 12 Pro

Smartphone boxes without accessories ... is the way to go

Now comes the news that Samsung should also give up some accessories inside its package, already in the next launch of the Galaxy S21.

According to rumors circulating in South Korea, Samsung will follow Apple's approach of not offering chargers and headsets in the packaging of its next flagship.

This information, apparently, comes from people related to the industry who confirm that Samsung is considering omitting all accessories except a UBS Type-C cable. However, it seems to be just an idea "on the table".

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In addition to the topic of environmental protection, there is also an argument related to the loss of revenue in 2020, motivated by the pandemic. The exclusion of these accessories could reduce the costs of the company and increase the profit margin to some extent.

The Samsung Galaxy S21 is expected to launch in 2021, but sooner than usual, with rumors pointing to January.

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