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Will NASA use Blockchain technology?

As reported previously, Ethereum Classic has been hit by a 51% attack, which means that hackers have obtained more than 50% of the network's data mining hashrate.

A harmful "51%" attack hit Ethereum Classic, the loss presumably counts $ 460 000

Slowmist, a China-based blockchain newspaper, has been released a complete report on & # 39; attack. The first shot occurred on January 5, the culprit violated some exchanges, such as Bitrue, Coinbase, Gate.io, however, this was only noticed two days later.

The first action was a transfer of over 5,000 ETCs from Binance to the criminal address 0x24fdd25367e4a7ae25eef779652d5f1b336e31da. This amount of coins was moved to a mining node, which created block 7254355. Subsequently, the hacker deposited 4000 ETCs in Bitrue in block 7254430, however this transaction has vanished from the Ethereum Classic chain. Another 9000 ETCs have been stolen in the same way. The Bitrue address 0x2c9a81a120d11a4c2db041d4ec377a4c6c401e69 it does not exist anymore and the official history is clear. However, Bitrue managed to save some records:

The hacker attack scheme is simple:

  • make a deposit;
  • withdraw to a secure address;
  • to double the coins – just move the coins to other addresses.

One of the biggest victims is the Coinbase scholarship. it It has been estimated that the loss from the attack represents $ 1 million. The report mentioned above also provides information on two addresses of attackers who have been blackmailed by Coinbase later. They are:


In Twitter, one of the users (nickname: @OGBTC) claimed to know the culprit personally.


Another user (nickname: @ sebseb7) indicated that he was the one who knew the hacker.

The "51% Attack" is over for now. All we can do is estimate the losses and take measures so that it does not happen again.

The report also states:

"[W]It recommends that all transfers of digital asset service platform blocks from the malicious portfolio addresses indicated above. And reinforce risk control, maintain a high level of attention and be careful to double the attacks that can break out at any time. "

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