why are the pharmacies sold out?



In the context of the Covid-19 epidemic, the seasonal flu vaccination campaign is crucial in 2020. It began on October 13 and is aimed primarily at vulnerable people and caregivers. But in many pharmacies, robbed, it is impossible to find the famous vaccine. According to the Union syndicale des pharmaciens de dispensine, the second largest trade union in the profession, which conducted a survey among its members, between 70 and 90% of pharmacies are out of stock. But according to the delegated minister responsible for autonomy, Brigitte Bourguignon, only “16% of pharmacies are facing it,” he told the National Assembly on Tuesday.

A record number of people already vaccinated

What is certain is that about ten million doses of the vaccine were placed on the market at the beginning of October. And nine million people have already been vaccinated, a record this time of year. However, there is urgency, because the electoral campaign next January. Good news: 80% of vaccinated people are over 65. These are therefore people at risk, and for many of them it is an absolute novelty, which delights the Order of Pharmacists. At present, there are approximately two million doses left on the market. But no one really knows where they are: probably scattered among certain pharmacies and the reserves of wholesalers-distributors, these intermediaries between laboratories and pharmacies.

“We count on the actions of the state”

According to the president of the Order of Pharmacists, Carine Wolf-Thal, all doses will be exhausted by December. But the rep put in one last cartridge. “Once the pharmacists’ stocks are exhausted, we count on the state stocks. These state stocks will be distributed from December, not only in pharmacies, but also possibly in hospitals and nursing homes”, he explains about Europa 1. “In any case c ‘is still a small probable margin of vaccination. And we must not forget that we can vaccinate until December.

Thanks to the actions of the state, several million more vulnerable people will still be vaccinated. This should be done before the outbreak of the epidemic in France. This traditionally takes place during the Christmas period. But some predict that the flu epidemic will be later and less severe this year.

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