Who won the hearings? “The Voice”, “What Groom Knows” or “Big Brother”?


The struggle for leadership continues and Sunday night has never been so close when it comes to the public. SIC is betting on the newlyweds, TVI fights with a reality show and RTP1 ‘tapped’ and has proven it won’t make things any easier.

According to Espalha-Factos, “Big Brother” led during the trial and expulsion. The moment Jéssica Antunes was expelled, she reached 8.6% average audience and 21.5% share. The time for appointments, however, was lost at the SIC.

‘O Noivo é que Sabe’ was losing to his great rival and only won in the ‘Dia de Sonho’ block, when the TVI reality show nominations were taking place. At the moment, the format hosted by Cláudia Vieira has obtained 8% of average audience and 20.2% of share.

‘The Voice Portugal’ got 9.1% average audience and 18.8% share and drove for 30 non-consecutive minutes. During the special “The teams”, the channel lost to the competition.

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