Who is the trans model on the cover of Playboy Mexico?


The press, in its Mexico edition, this month has bet on diversity and has taken a step towards breaking gender stereotypes, the ones that so many people fight for on a daily basis and which, as detailed in their Instagram post, prevent celebrating the difference of the human being.

“Playboy Mexico is committed to the openness and diversity that we fight for on a daily basis in this country. The branding has historically been pronounced because pleasure is a benefit to all people, regardless of gender, sexual preference and race, ”the media wrote in the cover post.

On the first page of the medium, in which the Colombian Mariana Herazo also paraded in May, the beautiful ‘influencer’ appears with her breasts exposed and her arms arranged in such a way that her privacy was not seen; in addition, she wore a pompous dress of a pink hue.

Among the pages of Playboy, Victoria Volkova, originally from Querétaro (Mexico), discovered her soul and offered a letter addressed to everyone those who are in their discovery, to know what they want for their life and to understand that in the differences there is true beauty.

Additionally, the beautiful woman left a direct message for the entire trans community and for those who believe they do not deserve respect for their gender status.

Here, the cover that has been around the world:

These are some photos that Victoria posted on her Instagram account, where she has around one million followers:


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